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Jet Charge

Don’t bother trying to get a quote for a job from Jet Charge, you could be waiting a long time, I bought an electric Nissan Leaf car over a week ago and am still waiting for a quote on getting a charger connected, which isn’t great because the car is no good without a charged battery, I have to resort to finding a public charging station which isn’t easy from where I live, what’s wrong with these people ? don’t they want the work ? really makes you wonder how they survive in business !

7kW level 2 charging outlet?
Did Nissan supply a list of recommended or approved brands and models? A home charging outlet or charger can be installed by any licensed electrician.

Charging options Type 2 plug to suit the Leaf are available from a number of suppliers. Those I found on line advertise the price of different models, or should be able to quote pricing over the phone to supply.

For installation most electricians will quote their standard rates or a cost estimate to install based on a few simple questions. Assuming you intend to install the outlet or charger in the garage, most modern houses have the electricity meter/distribution box nearby.

Jet Charge say they need to arrange a technician to arrange a house call to inspect and advise on the best option to be able to provide a quote. A very high level of service to supply and install a smart power outlet. A level 2 wall charger is really just a higher powered version of an AC electrical socket.

The newer leaf model is able to provide P2H (power to the home).