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January 2022 Food Champions Challenge :Christmas gifts : Cook ware , appliances : Must have to must not have

The joys of Christmas morning . Boxes under the tree neatly wrapped with bows and baubles attached . That 10 piece cooking set with tri coat non stick is there ready to open . It is just what you wanted for Christmas . Unpack , don’t worry about the instructions . Will cook bacon and eggs . Eggs stick all over the skillet .

I’m sure we have all had similar experiences either at Christmas or through the year .

For this months challenge let us know that cooking related gift you received and were disappointed and also a gift you received that you thought you would never use and has now become a favourite item in your cook ware arsenal .

The winners for the December Challenge Badges were: @meltam @gregr @crocster

The winners of the pop up challenge Badges were : @grahroll @ppbandep @hendramic
Congratulations to all who posted


Worst non stick pan I ever bought - Circulon purely because it was expensive and it didn’t last as they advertised. The best I’ve ever used and I got it on special too. I bought it as a set of 2 for around the same price as the Circulon and it is way better. Swiss Diamond Classic XD Frypan & Saute Pan Set. They clean up beautifully and cook evenly. And the lid fits both pans.

Best appliances - I use all the time my Multicooker - I have an Insta pot and my Sunbeam NutriOven both these appliances are used regularly, the NutriOven consistently turns out the best roasts in much quicker time than preheating and cooking in my wall oven.


Many years ago I saw a clay pot for sale in a shop, and tales of legendary sauces and stews which female members of my family had cooked in clay pots came to my mind.

Got my purchase home, washed it, and without any hesitation I started making a tomato sauce which would astound all.

Placed the pot on top of the stove, directly over the gas flame…and it promptly split in two.

That was the end of my dream of ever being as good a cook as my foremothers!


Received a Miracle Chef Air fryer oven from my brother . Left it in the box in the lounge room for about a month . My Westinghouse Gas wall oven stopped working so I unpacked the Air Fryer oven and even though I had the gas wall oven fixed no longer use it

My gas bill has dropped right down . I now use the Air Fryer oven daily . It is not the round type but it looks like a miniature oven with three trays . A lot of accessories like a rotisserie I don’t use but for general roasting duties it is excellent .

Hope my brother keeps watching late night infomercials :laughing:


Have to strongly disagree about Circulon. After very many years of hard usage, one of my Circulon saucepan lids failed. As they claim to have a lifetime warranty, I contacted them and asked to purchase a replacement. They could not identify the exact model so asked me to send the whole saucepan, reply paid, to them. A week later I received my saucepan back, with new lid.
About a year later, one of my Circulon frypans started losing its non stick lining. Again I contacted them and they asked for photographs of the problem, which I sent… Their comment was that the pan had been significantly overheated. I had to agree, my former partner believed that the only way to fry anything was at maximum temperature for the minimum time. Nevertheless, they sent me a voucher for a replacement frypan from their range up to a value of $120. This replacement pan I use almost evey day and it performs faultlessly. An excellent product from an excellent company. I have a total of 7 Circulon pans and would not use anything else.