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Jam : What brand do you buy?



If it is labelled as a Jam it must comply with the legislation ie

"2.3.2—1 Name

This Standard is Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code – Standard 2.3.2 – Jam.

                                  Note    Commencement:

This Standard commences on 1 March 2016, being the date specified as the commencement date in notices in the Gazette and the New Zealand Gazette under section 92 of the Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act 1991 (Cth). See also section 93 of that Act.

2.3.2—2 Definitions

Note In this Code (see section 1.1.2—3):


(a) means:

   (i)         a product prepared by processing one or more of the following:

            (A)        fruit;

            (B)        concentrated fruit juice;

            (C)       fruit juice;

            (D)       water extracts of fruit; or

                (ii)        such a product processed with sugars or honey; and

                           (b)        includes conserve; and

                           (c)        does not include marmalade.

2.3.2—3 Requirement for food sold as jam

(1) A food that is sold as jam must:

           (a)      be jam; and

           (b)      contain no less than 650 g/kg of water-soluble solids.

(2) A food that is sold as jam with the name of one or more fruits appearing in the labelling must be made from no less than 400 g/kg of those fruits [My highlighting].


This is a bit like the Food Oz definition of ‘ice cream’. Those that don’t have enough butterfat etc will be called something else and have the same images on the package as ice cream.

Sweetened fruit products that don’t have enough fruit will be called ‘spread’ or something similar with the same images on the package as jam.