I've had a " TECHNOGASM "

First it was the announcement and preview of the Apple iPhone X .Now this .

Oh my god I’ve hit a low point in my forum life . I’ve started " clickbaiting " :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


“There’s a sucker born every minute” (attributed without evidence to PT Barnum)

“There are thousands of suckers for every new sucker” (attributed to Sir James Dyson, also without any evidence)



I had to verify that was a Canstar Blue site, not Dyson or a TV promotion since it screams it is an advertorial, or close enough. But wait, there is more, a waffly synopsis of how great the brands are, or perhaps are not from the linked ‘review’. Such high level fluff should surely keep Choice in business for many years. For example Miele might be #1 as a brand but even they make some fairly ordinary products and if you have one the manufacturers overall good product reputation is irrelevant.


Me thinks Canstar Blue sells licencing rights to manufacturers and organisations to fund their surveys . Read their " Methodology FAQ " Section . You win the survey you win the right to buy and use their symbol . Hmmm transparent but slightly tainted .


Ultimately its just a lot easier to be friends with dirt. Trying to fight it all the time just sucks …

(sorry) :wink: