It made me smile

Last Friday I was door stepped by an usually persistent Electricity salesperson. Though I thanked him and wished him a good day he would not accept that I did not wish to hear his sales pitch. He asked me why I did not want to hear him out and make the guaranteed savings like my neighbours. I told him there were two reasons, one was that I had not invited him onto my property and second was that ‘I didn’t know him from Adam.’ ‘Adam’ he replied quizzically. ‘Yes Adam, you know, Adam and Eve.’ ‘I’m sorry’ said the young man, ‘but I haven’t seen that movie so I don’t know what you mean.’


gosh, he had the persistence and thick skin of a Mormon! They have braved the steep access to my place more than most sales people in the last 15 years.


What a great story, it made me smile too.
I am also tired of energy salespeople and their sales pitches.