ISP Monitoring

Is there any body, as in watchdog, that has any power to keep the ISPs greed and absolute disreard for its clients?
A family member who has been faithful to Iinet for a number of years has had to put up with between 85-93%
slower speeds than the Australian average for at least 12 months. Despite several calls and emails , no response.
She is paying $ 70 / month for a service that is not even 12 year ago dial up.

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First, iinet has a published customer service charter. Perhaps they stand behind it or not, but a first reference

Next, it seems a formal complaint process needs to be started. Has it, or has your family member only been going through the support contacts?

Were the speeds higher and then dropped about 12 months ago? Has any reason been given for the slow speeds? It could be anything from noise on the line to a bad wiring splice to a corroded connection, but iinet should have been able to resolve this quickly as none of those problems are “telecommunications science.” Any chance she bought a new modem about 12 months ago and it is set to ADSL not ADSL2 (assuming this is all about an ADSL service)?

This might be instructive if not helpful -

Has everything been documented in emails, writing, or notes taken real time, not after the call, for every contact? That is important to push them and avoid a he said she said debate.

Assuming you have good evidence, then your port of call is probably the TIO ->


Used the TIO recently as i got no satisfaction and complete run around from iinet.

After the TIO complaint lodged, complaint manager at iinet rang and he was fantastic. I had asked for matter to be escalated, but the call centre staff wouldnt.

Anyway, issue resolved thankfully. Good luck.


I have a current complaint with the TIO about iiNept. I’ve been a customer for close to 10 years (plus more with a company they bought out) and the service standard shown since the NBN connection has been abysmal at best. It’s taken 6 weeks for iiNept to agree to notifying NBNCo there is a fault on the line - in the 6 weeks I have had NBN, the system has worked well for about 15 days in total.

Avoid iiNet like the plague.

This failure in service maybe a reflection of the buyout of iiNet by TPG. From my friends feedback it appears that iiNet has become just another rename of TPG’s service. This has become a Overseas owned Teleservice that hosts it’s customer service in any place other than Australia and this leads to poorer service of customers issues. Just look at Telstra, Optus and any other that has it’s contact portal hosted overseas. The service is generally abysmal until you are given to an Australian based person to resolve the issue.

We really need to have home based customer portals and I think we might see a large improvement in services.

This buying others and consolidating is a sign of the times. I have iPrimus and they rose to being pretty good, until they were bought by M2. Now they are pretty ordinary, but probably no more ordinary than the list of competitors.

In our great traditions of “competition” it is inevitable that the end game will be Telstra, Optus, TPG, and M2 owning it all, with 20 or 30 logo’d “companies” pretending to compete, all retailing the NBN.