Is your IVF clinician's advice driven by profits or data?

A report by ABC TV’s Four Corners program on the corporatisation of fertility treatment in Australia highlights the need for current and potential IVF patients to question clinic claims about the patient’s suitability for treatment. Four Corners spoke to fertility specialist Professor Rob Norman, who believes that clinics are under pressure to use more and more IVF for their own profit.

Read Alison Potter’s article.

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I saw that report, too. Shocking! I can’t believe there is not more oversight and strict regulations about the suitability of patients. But what I am realy shocked about, as a single childless woman, is WHY does Medicare cover IVF forever? I don’t really want to pay for some unsuitable patient to try over and over again for as long as they want. I would rather pay for my OWN dental costs!

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I am surprised Medicare covers IVF forever. That never used to be the case. About 25 years ago my partner and I did a number of IVF attempts - seven was the maximum that Medicare covered back then. (We then went on to adopt - recommended by our IVF doctor).
I think it very much depends on the doctor - our IVF doctor really cared and was devastated with our failures (as we were unexplained infertility). He is still trying to help people.

There are always 2 sides to the story and being a longtime 4 Corners fan I was concerned when watching the IVF episode that it was very one sided point of view, so much so I thought I must be watching Catalyst.

But for a different point of view it maybe worth reading the following

Couldn’t agree more. In my immediate circle, I know of two women who were encouraged to try over and over again, with the resulting physical and psychological damage, which in one case was life-threatening. To see what a predatory industry it has become, just Google IVF Australia. It’s completely out of hand, and the fact that it is Medicare funded, suggests it is a lucrative gravy train, much like the private vocational education sector. They see easy government money, and ethics just go out the window.