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Is there a way to import iTunes Library to Samsung Galaxy S10?

Does anyone know how to import an iTunes library to Samsung Galaxy S10? I am using a Mac.

The Samsung Smart Switch program allows for calendar and contacts syncing only at present.

Any help would be appreciated.


iTunes saves all its audio in the ‘Music’ file on your computer. You can drag and drop it onto your phone the same as any other audio. This wont transfer your playlists though, I think you’ll have to remake them


Assume it is your music files you have ripped to iTunes, rather than those bought on iTubes and stored on their cloud.

What @Peterchu says is correct in relation to locally stored files.

There are also some android tools/apps (like this one) which can help as well…as well as websites that provide steps on hiw it can be done…like this one…

There are also videos as well if one prefers… (Select the video search function). The process on the s10 will be the same as other galaxy models with the same installed android operating system and Samsung overlaying platform.


Hi phb,

I have a combination of ripped music from cd’s and music purchased from iTunes.
I think it is possibly too early an issue to deal with and I’ll have to wait until more people have played around with the S10 to see what it can do.
I am not opposed to buying a cheap laptop running windows and put iTunes on it and getting music content onto it via the cloud and uploading to to phone that way. As I have almost 3000 songs I wish to preserve the collection as you can appreciate. I have no interest in using music streaming platforms.

Lets see…


imo get a basic refurbished mac from a reputable place if you want to get something to run iTunes. iTunes on Windows has been terrible to use in my experience, and lots of small repair shops do basic refurbished macbooks at good prices. I presume one could still move them to the phone by drag and dropping from a mac

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Hi tpeter267,
I am currently using a Mac but it does not recognise the S10 as a device hence the idea of buying a cheap windows laptop to transfer files from - I only need to use it the once theoretically.

Samsung has apps / programs to transfer files. Smart Switch only allows transfer of contacts and documents etc.

Samsung’s old program Kies used to work perfectly well in the past but does not appear to work with this model phone.


The Samsung website seems to indicate that it can transfer music files as well…

It can only be done using a USB adaptor.

Have you checked the preferences for transfer to see if the music files in the iTune folder can be selected for transfer?

I have Smart Switch and iTunes installed on Winhows 10 (not sure if the same as the OS versions) but it appears that you can upload a itunes backup onto the S10. For Windows…and maybe the same for iTunes…

Search ’ Back up and restore your iTunes Library’ in the iTunes help. This should provide information on how to create a backup.

Then in Smart Switch…

Restoring from iTunes backup data

You can restore data to your Samsung device from a backup created from an iOS device. Items restorable from a backup may change depending on the connected device model and OS version. iOS device backups must be created using iOS 4.2.1 or later and must not be encrypted.

To restore data from iTunes backup data, follow these steps:

1 At the bottom of the Smart Switch window, click Restore.

2 Click Select a different backup.

The Select a different backup window will appear.

3 Under Select a backup to restore, click iTunes backup data from the drop-down list.

4 In the right drop-down list, select the backup you want to restore data from.

You can also click the folder picker icon to manually select a backup folder.

5 In the list of backup items, select the check boxes next to the items you want to restore.

6 Click OK at the bottom of the window to close the Select a different backup window.

7 Click Restore now.

Hopefully this helps and also works using OS.


Hi Phb.

I completed all of the steps listed, but did not work. Thanks for your detailed help though. I was appreciated.

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Depending on the copyright holder, a lot of the music that you buy through iTunes will be copy protected. I understand that you are ‘permitted’ to burn it to a music CD in most cases, but your mileage may vary. I know that a couple of audio books I picked up for free are protected and I had to take counter-measures to be able to listen to them on my Android phone.

If the file extension is .M4P, these use proprietary Apple encryption.

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