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Is the $89 Kmart coffee machine worth buying?


The KMart $89 coffee machine scored higher than some more expensive machines in our test, but is it worth buying? We run through the pros and cons:

Do you use an espresso machine? Share your coffee-making routine below.

Home espresso coffee machine review
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I bought the K-Mart coffee machine. It makes great coffee, and I’m pleased that I bought it. However, it has two serious flaws:

  1. I can’t fit a standard coffee mug under the portafilter, so I have to use a cup to catch the shot and then pour it into my mug.

  2. It won’t properly fit a 2-cup milk jug under the steam wand, so you have to froth your milk twice if you’re having a cuppa with a friend. It doesn’t come with a milk jug, so I have to go and buy one, and it turns out it’s hard to find milk jugs that are single size - I’m still looking. Instead, I use an electric milk frother, which doesn’t give the same creamy results as when made with a steam wand.

I use my machine often (but not for frothing milk), and for $89 you get great coffee, but I really wish they’d made it a bit taller. If it had cost me $189, I’d have been disappointed.

I also have an AeroPress that cost under $50 including delivery, and I use that half the time. But not all the time, because you really want to measure your water temp (I have an IR thermometer) to get the best flavour - not a problem with the K-Mart machine.

Home espresso coffee machine review

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On one of our recent visits to our local Kmart store (and before Choice review was published), we saw the Kmart coffee machine snd initally took it for a toy rather than a fair dinkum expresso machine. The size is quite small as outlined above and made from plastics rather than stainless steel covers like many other manufacturers. I am not a coffee drinker ( maybe one cup a year if [un]lucky) but a tea drinker. The other half was half interested in the machine when we saw it but also thought about its quality and also what I would think about its purchase as it would only be used by half.

This does pose the question in relation to its longevity as a functional coffee machine. I expect time will tell but hope it has a long life to reduce waste.