Is that price gouging or wrong advertisement or what?

On Wed.22.04 Woolworths advertised Tomato Truss red $3.90 Special.Valid until 22.04.20. On the 24.04.20 I went to the shop in Waurn ponds 3286 and bought 0.752Kg. They charged me $4.50/Kg. Today, 20.05.20 approx. 12.10, I went to this shop again, showed the above copie of the leaflet and the receipt. The girl on the tabacoo-desk immediately making a statement “that was only the ones in a bag, not the open ones!” But I told her, the pic. and the description is for Taomato Truss, not a bag, and I remember for sure on the shelf where I took them from, it was marked as $3.90! She went to the office, came approx 8 min later back, still making ther statement “That was only for 1Kg bag!” Strange, I am sure to remember it was marked on the shelf as Tomaoto Truss $3.90. And I never saw Tomato Truss in a bag!
On the same day, 20.05.20, I bought a Woolworth Pretzels Twists 200 in the same shop. Advertised as $1.50, valid until 02.06.20… They charged me $2.60! I noticed only back home, but I ask myself, is that legal?? What can I do??


Did you have to activate the personalised offer?

Did you use/scan your Rewards card when you were at the checkout?

The pretzels price today is $2.60…and truss tomatoes were $3.90 last week…not sure what they are this week as they are unavailable online.

If you had activated, suggest you go to the service counter next shop with the necessary evidence (including copy of the offer, that the offer was activated before the respective shops if the offer required this) and complain. Woollies should refund the costs of these products if this is the case.

If you didn’t have to activate, take the email and docket to the service desk and complain. They should give you a refund for the products.

Did you use/scan your Rewards card when at the checkout. If not, you will not get the personalised prices as they are linked to your card. In such case, Woolies possibly won’t offer a remedy for the purchases.

Note: if the offer was to be activated and you didn’t…they will possibly know when you activated as it will be linked to your card.


yes, I activated the personal offer, and they where advertised as $3.90!


When I have problems with my Woolies not charging prices in emails, all activated and confirmed, the common response is ‘nothing to do with us’ it is rewards. In @siegrist’s case it was probably a regular special. They should honour the prices. Their practices have resulted in our preferencing Coles even though we are small Woolies shareholders. We had an experience where they refused to honour their display price on a technicality. Any 2 for $5 but they had two ‘variations’ of the same brand, each Any 2 for $5 side by side. They charged each at the per 1 price and would not accept their misleading display. We got it refunded. Cases like that cost Woolies $hundreds over a year from our spend although it might have reduced our dividend by less than a cent .


The email offers are usually not specific to a person/rewards card but are ‘advertised’ specials by Woolies Rewards. When an offer is specific to a person it specifies the rewards card number in my experience. Sometimes the rewards group and the pricing group do not meet and the prices are not adjusted and the management does not especially care, hence ‘nothing to do with us, it is rewards’.

edit: Contact Woolies via Facebook or their Rewards contact with your evidence and complain. You will most likely get an apology and a gift card in recompense. The sad part is Woolies seems to have a culture problem between the stores (‘nothing to do with us’) and the rewards system and/or advertising arm.

If it is their catalogue, IME Woolies shops will honour it as a pricing error. If it was in an email there is often a refusal of store management to do so since it was attributed to ‘rewards, nothing to do with us’…


Hi I have an example of same product 2 different shops different sizes but the same price

not sure why they are different sized. Maybe it is not price gouging.


Looks like someone at Big W has made a mistake…

The package shot also shows it is a 629g item.


I have purchased snack bars from aldi the own brand same type of bar is, dearer in carmen’s its, a total rip off seems no difference these should be named and shamed if are same product

Often store brand products may appear the same as branded products, but the recipes (and processing) will be different. These differences can be seen by ingredient lists and nutritional information.

Even if the similar products are made in the same factory, recipes will be different as the manufacturer has a strong (financial) interest to protect their brands and their product’s intellectual property. Intellectual property being like the ‘secret herbs and spices’ of KFC. Protecting this is important as it is part of what makes the product different and the value of the business to the owners.

Other manufacturers might try and replicate the branded product, but, again, knowing exact ingredient ratios and how the product is processed make it almost impossible to get exactly the same product - assuming trying to replicate doesn’t impinge on anothers intellectual property.

Notwithstanding this, there are some products where there might be no difference, such as basic ingredients for home cooking (flours, sugars etc), fresh fruit and vege/meats. Differences can however lie in the ‘freshness’ or the origin of the products.

If store branded products are cheaper and give the same purchase satisfaction as an equivalent branded product, it could be seen as a win for the consumer.

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I can’t actually accuse either dearer or cheaper products as i have no idea who made non brand one. Is it no difference to coles or woolworths own product lines. Maybe some products deserve va, shonky award