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Is it Free or Not


We have much in common with the British and I am curious if others can document ‘free’ around Australia.

Example to kick it off. At Westminster Abbey, London, admission was GBP22 yesterday. The partner got there a bit late so deferred her tour until today. Today the admission was only GBP10. Was it a lower price on Saturday? Perhaps the Queen’s Birthday?

No, the staff clearly advised it was because today there was no ‘free’ audio guide. The irony of Westminster Abbey playing that game is priceless.


The bus from Melbourne Airport to the city advertises “free” wi fi. But you have to give them some personal details in return (email address as a minimum). Is it still “free”?


Possibly yes as it had no monetary cost.

Is it unencumbered? No. Unless information is provided, the service won’t be granted for your use.




I feel like I’m a stranger … in a strange land … :wink: