Is contacting Optus by email possible?

I have an Optus Pre-paid mobile phone. I have been recharging it every 3 months for a long time. I use it as a phone and rarely use the Internet or other features. (I use my laptop for mapping and so on.) The balance of my account keeps going up and up. Now, when I go to recharge I get the message that I have reached the maximum credit and that’s it. I can’t recharge. If I don’t recharge I will lose all of my credits and the phone connection. I have had to ring Optus service, explain the situation, wait 20 minutes while they search for a solution (which is usually cutting off some of my credit) and finally I can recharge.

Rather than trying to explain the situation to an English-as-a-second-language call centre person on a dodgy phone line I would prefer to email Optus, explain my situation and ask them to come up with a long-term solution and send me an email telling what it is. (The call centre people are very pleasant and helpful but I do have difficulty understanding them.) Wouldn’t it be great for one of the biggest communication companies in Australia to allow customers to email them with problems? Yes it would but I have spent quite a considerable amount of time searching for an Optus email address I can use for my problem. I can find telephone numbers, “Give us a call” etc etc. but I don’t wish to chat to an overseas call centre. I wish to receive a written answer to my problem. That’s fair enough isn’t it? If anyone has an email address for Optus I would like to see it otherwise I think Choice should put some pressure on them to make one available. Does Choice have any special ways of communicating with Optus? Has anyone else had the same problem with Optus?

That is a ridiculous problem to have! Seems you might be a low use customer. You should look at other carriers rather than wear this. Many providers use the Optus network if it has coverage you are happy with. Check amaysim for one. They have pre and postpaid as you go as well as plans. You can take your phone number with you.

Since you may want to stay with them you could be well served to move on to their complains line at 133 937. At the least having “too much credit” is a technical error if that prevents you from recharging.

I’ve been with Optus for years now and have yet to find an email address for them, although you can get them to email you bills & confirmation of things to do with your account. Rather than dealing with the overseas call centres, try walking into one of their bricks & mortar stores and talking to the staff their. I’ve found them very helpful in the past and as they can log into their system while you are there most times you can walk away with problems solved, or at the least an answer as to why it can’t be solved. From there you can make up your mind whether to stay or change providers.

I believe Optus has a livechat feature on their site. You could type out your message like it were an email and copy into the message box. You would at least have a record of your conversation in writing so it might save time every month if you can reopen the ticket! Good luck!


I’m not too sure about Optus, but I feel that some service providers seem to make it difficult to find their email address.
Email should be a main method of contact as there is ‘trackability’ of all communication related to the issue.
Subsequently, this will help iron out the gremlins and eliminate the possible mis-interpretation that may happen during a tel conversation

Even when I have asked for my telephone bill to be emailed to me comes with a ‘no reply’ e-mail address i.e. one that you cannot reply to and it remains unmonitored. Have you tried asking in an Optus shop? They MUST have a way of communicating that does not involve hours waiting on you phone!

I’ve been searching for an Optus contact email again recently, but as with other posters, have not been able to find one. Apparently you can post snail mail to them and they will respond within 10 days! Talk about keeping up with modern techology… hahaha.
Also, the claim on the web site of 24/7 365 tech support just is not true, the people I needed to talk to after 35 mins of holding and talking to an foreign call centre had gone home.
I’ll post about my current Optus problem, the reason I’ve been searching for a contact email, in a new thread.

If you haven’t disconnected the Data link on your phone it will continually update the apps without you knowing which could be happening if you seem too loose credit all the time, then again your credit might only last 30 days and this too might be the problem. I’d go into an Optus store and sort it out from there at least you can use their phones too talk too someone if no one in the store can help.
Failing that there is always the Telecommunications Ombudsman. As for emailing I don’t think you can anymore its all online chat nowadays unless you ant too ring their 13 number.

Definitely not data on my wife’s phone, as it is always turned off, unless in use. Details in the new Optus thread I started a little while ago: Optus adding data usage that we did not use