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Is a NutriBullet blender worth it? We put the range to the test

We review the NutriBullet to see if it’s worth adding one to your kitchen.

Do you get much use out of your blender, or does it mostly stay in the cupboard?


My wife has had one for around a decade and has used it regularly to make fruit smoothies for her breakfast, generally once or twice a week.

She uses combinations of OOB frozen blueberries, mixed berries & mangoes, baby spinach leaves, bananas, pineapple, pears and other items with some ice blocks added and topped with coconut water.

She loves the product.


They cost how much?
It’s good to know there are other less expensive options.

From NutriBullet, is a 12 month warranty a reasonable outcome for a product many may use several times a week?


$169 to $189 for these models. There are lower wattage versions which are about $100 less.

I have looked at them instore but wonder how good the seals are to prevent leakages when the container is inverted for blending.

While the seals may work well when new, do they maintain their seal over time especially when the ‘lid’ is removed regularly? Maybe someone who has had one for a long time and uses it regularly can give some experiences.


I have a NutriInfusion 1200, a couple of years old now. I upgraded from a “George Foreman” smoothie blender from Target which burned out from overuse…
The blender here used to be used daily for making breakfast smoothies until my dietician told me to cut back on “liquid food”. I’ve switched to biscuits in the morning and the blender is seeing less use, but it still comes out to make acai bowls for dessert, and plays a part in a few meals on our rotation as well (It makes VERY good crepe batter!). It really is fantastic for pulverising whatever you put in it (far better than the cheaper version I had previously), as long as there is liquid.
My parents use their NutriNinja frequently for cocktails.
I’m glad to have it, but I don’t think I’d spend much more than what it cost ($90-$100?), especially when I also have a phenomenal food processor.


We had a bullet, but it was fired! It was OK for one person, but when you have multiple people to serve simultaneously it was not practical, and we quickly went back to using the blender which did enough for everyone in one go.


I like mine, sometimes make smoothies, other times dips.

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Most definitely
Our Nutribullet gets used most days by 2 people. We’ve bought extra containers and base. The parts might not stand the rest of time but the machine had been with us for the best part of 10 years