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Iodine Intake Warning

An article regarding people, especially pregnant women, not consuming sufficient iodine.

And a post I did previously in another topic.

It is bad enough that the poor in Nepal are not able to afford sea salt, but it is disgracefull that people in Australia are not consuming enought iodine, let alone buying Himalayan Pink Salt.

My understanding is that sea salt isn’t much better for iodine than rock salt.

I always just buy table salt which contains added iodine. And there are plenty of foods such as seafood, dairy and eggs that have all the iodine you need.

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So do we but sea salt works for those people in Bhutan who can access it.

I will be very confident that the sea salt imported into Bhutan is iodized salt, because natural sea salt contains nowhere near the iodine amounts needed for good health.

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Just how much iodine do we need and what are the some common sources?
Great sources include - Sushi rolls, bread made with iodised salt, regular milk, tinned salmon. Also iodised salt for table or cooking:

Or a dozen oysters a day, :wink:

It’s not apparent if breads produced outside the mass market, including those promoted as organic/natural/healthy specialty products all contain iodised salt. Hence they may have little iodine.

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From the linked article.

" Cretinism : Severe iodine deficiency (30µg/day) during pregnancy can lead to cretinism in infants. This syndrome is characterized by mental deficiency, Spastic Diplegia, deaf mutism and shortened stature."

Perhaps that explains the anti-vaxxers?

It might Fred but there are many other deficiencies with that lot!

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