Invited to be a voting member?

Not sure why I am being invited frankly ?

Do choice really need more input about how it runs ?
Not interested in being a director and the board looks pretty good to me the way it is.
Seems to have a lot of committed people with far better knowledge than me on consumer issues.

What are the “invitation only” forums ?

Wouldn’t the community forums be the place to put out ideas on strategy and governance issues and get the wider view ?


It all depends @Zog if you want to be involved in what Choice is about.
If you have been invited to be a voting member, then why not go for it.


It would seem a privilege to be invited to be a ‘Voting Member’.
Choice must have considered your application carefully.

As a comparison, many community run organisations allow all paid members to participate and vote on decisions. Some organisations such as Choice limit the opportunity to a small number of paid members.

I”m a little confused by the reference to

The board is different to being a voting member of the organisation. You might like to PM @BrendanMays who can direct your enquiry more appropriately.


Hi @Zog,

Thanks for posting your question. I think @mark_m has already provided some key info regarding voting members from our site, but please get in touch if this hasn’t answered everything. As for your suggestion on using the public forum for input, I agree! While we have many different channels for feedback, It’s something we aim to do here already. The feedback we receive here is very important to us and will be filtered through to the organisation.


Thanks for the feedback.

It’s nice to be asked. It does make me feel valued and appreciated.

I am just a typical “grunt consumer” who likes to “stick it to the man” as far as these unaccountable companies go. I sign petitions from the consumer action law centre etc, but would not consider myself an activist.

I guess the vetting process sorts this all out and get’s Choice the people who they really need on the voting members board.
Was more interested in just what Choice are looking for here exactly.

Not sure if I am enough of a “consumer warrior” to be put on as a voting member ?.
More reactive than proactive, though I have had my fair share of complaints go in over the years.

I did read the "Become a voting member blurb above, but I suppose my real question was.

Is this invite a shotgun approach ? ie: email “send to all”
Just how many people are invited ?
Just how much work is a voting member expected to do ?

@mark_m I have not even filled out the form. :grinning: Just curious about why they sent it to me really.

edit: P.S. I realised I was not being invited to the board, but was wondering why they thought I would know anything about who to put on it as a voting member, I barley know who to put on my local council.


As a member of Choice, that is subscribing to the Choice products, I have been invited to apply to be a voting member of the Organization itself (the ACA) a few times, and thus be able to vote on issues and participate in annual general meetings.
As the ACA is in Sydney, and I am in Melbourne, and not very interested in how companies are run as long as they don’t loose my shareholder funds, I have in the past not bothered.
But this year I have applied for membership. Guess I am getting more interested.