Internet Providers for Opticomm

Anyone had any experience or have any recommended internet providers for Opticomm connected communities?

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Sorry I have no experience with Opticomm but I did have a look at some of the service providers they have. Among them were iinet now owned by TPG, iPrimus, Exetel Activ8me and Internode. You can find listings at Opticomm’s website

I can advise from my previous experiences with several of the above providers that iinet was a good provider but as now under TPG you would be best looking up reviews on TPG (one of the biggest providers), iPrimus (another big provider) are generally good but can be a little more costly, Exetel have overseas help desk staff (Philippines I think) but generally good service. Activ8me I have never dealt with but their cost structure looks ok. Internode (Australian) are generally a good provider. However use the provider page on Opticomm and do a search on the providers that interest you and see which appeal to you. Also search for them on Whirlpool forums and see what type of feedback they have .

For the smaller operators CVC is an issue and you may experience slow downs if they haven’t purchased enough for their customer base. Of course all providers try to minimize costs but bigger ones tend to have a bit more room to wiggle.

What is CVC? Copied from

Connectivity Virtual Circuit (CVC) is a virtual charge imposed by NBN to service providers to offload your traffic from the NBN network into the service provider’s network. After a discount introduced at the start of the year, NBN charges $17.50 per Mbps of traffic shared across the ISP’s customer base. Initially, the cost was $20 per Mbps.

This is in addition to the cost of physical interconnect connection between the provider and NBN (called the Network-Network Interface, NNI) plus the cost that NBN charges for the link between your home and NBN’s point of interconnect (known as the Access Virtual Circuit and User-Network Interface, AVC/UNI).

I also add that people will have differing opinions about providers based on their experiences so I urge you to do research online to get a better overall feel for the providers that interest you.

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