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Hi, I have two questions and I would be very grateful if I can get advice from members.

  1. Does anyone know if a Telstra booster will work on Optus or Vodafone internet as I am strongly looking at changing from Telstra because of so many issues.
  2. Am I the only person in Australia experiencing dropouts daily plus speeds at times daily of 2 (not 20, not 200 but 2) I live South Coogee.
    I have to Psych myself up and know that I will waste my time contacting Telstra because I get nowhere with them. It is very embarrassing to have to put up with an internet service (lack thereof) that does not compare with so many third world countries.
    After psyching myself up on Friday I contacted Telstra and having spent an inordinate time on the phone was told that as they could only see 2 dropouts in the previous 24 hours they could not send a technician as their standard for a technician is 5 dropouts per 24 hours. This does not seem to count the random slow speeds.
    Thanks a million Harry

Take it his is mobile data and not NBN by your wording - is that correct?
Any type off booster is highly illegal in Australia in any form.
If you are talking about the horrid Celfi unit, they are not a booster, but a repeater.


As @Monica_D noted ‘boosters’ are not on; accurate terminology is important.

The ‘Telstra GO Repeater’ is specific to Telstra. Or do you mean you have some type of NBN service and a Telstra ‘Smart Wifi booster’?

Assuming for now you have mobile internet you would be best placed to start comparing the signal quality at your location. Telstra could be weak but Optus or Vodaphone strong, or all weak. The easiest way to compare is find someone with Optus and Vodaphone SIMs and compare signal strength on a mobile for starters. It might be worthwhile buying a cheap starter pack and trying on your own phone to see how it goes over a day and week.

FWIW I am in a mobile grey spot myself, with a widely variable mobile signal during the day that makes trying to use the mobile for internet frustrating and worse, Telstra and Optus alike, and understand your pain. The solution to the often unusable mobile signal has been the introduction of Voice over WiFi, a ‘solution’ for mobile calls but irrelevant for mobile internet service since there has to be functional connected WiFi. I have NBN HFC so when my mobile is connected to my WiFi no more call problems - at least while I am in range of my WiFi.


The Telstra Celfi is not swappable between Optus or Vodawho. They are dedicated units. The Celfi is not a great unit at all. They are SISO and have no carrier aggrigation which does not help. Modems like the Telstra M6 have MIMO and carrier aggrigation and can get set to specific carrier frequency to get the best signal. The Celfi cripples data speeds quite badly.
I am permanently on mobile data with a Telstra Nighthawk M6 Pro - currently the most sensitive receiver. I am on 5G as many small rural towns/hamlets now have 5G, interestingly when some large towns and cities don’t have 5G. I find 5G excellent compared to 4G, and far more stable.

What people don’t accept/realise mobile phone and data is not a defined service, and there will always be high variability in service due number of people connected to the cell. Dropouts at times will happen. I do have a mobile phone dipole fold down aerial that I connect to my modem in my vehicle and caravan. Also carry a Yagi for long distance to the tower. I then use VoWifi to make phone calls.


Thanks a million for the helpful replies. It is an NBN service with Telstra. I notice that it appears the Telstra booster will work with Optus or Vodafone.

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No, they are network specific, and will not work with Optus or Vodafone.
They are not a booster at all, they are a repeater. Any form of mobile network booster is highly illegal in Australia.


Terminology problem here?
Clearly Telstra has a booster, but WiFi?

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Telstra typically creates its own spin and marketing language. All to make it sound better for the average consumer and as if it’s something only Telstra provides.

It sounds like @hrodden has a Telstra branded WiFi network range extender/booster, @PhilT suggested in a prior post.

Hopefully @hrodden can confirm the pic and device are the same or provide alternate detail.

It may assist the discussion to clarify what you intend for the NBN service provided. Do you intend to disconnect and use only mobile data from Optus or Vodafone? Or is the intent to keep the NBN and swap to Optus/Vodafone.