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International shipment delivery issue

Sent a shipment from Dubai to Melbourne and full payment made to Dubai relocation company. Local relocation partner -John Ryan Removals is not delivering the shipment due to issues between Dubai company and shipment co. Paid fee to John Ryan Removals for customers clearance. Can I complaint against John Ryan Removals for shipment delivery ? Any advice is appreciated.

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Welcome to the community @manusnair.
Perhaps we can help. So where are the goods at present? Still in Dubai, landed in Australia, or somewhere on the high seas?


Welcome to the Communtiy @manusnair

Note that nothing you read on the Community should be considered or interpreted as legal advice, it is all personal opinon.

Your contract appears to be with the Dubai relocation company and while you are an innocent party to a dispute or problem between them and John Ryan Removals; you likely do not have any business relationship with them despite having paid a customs clearance fee, beyond the customs clearance itself. Read the terms in the documentation asking you to pay that fee to JRR to be sure of what you agreed to.

If you have not, in your place I would first ask JRR what the problem is and if ‘I’ could assist resolving it. It is curious there would be an issue with incoming goods since the receiving/clearing company usually has no stake beyond storage and local costs in Australia. If it is faulty paperwork forr the shipment it is likely beyond JRR’s ability to directly resolve, and sometimes that is not detected until they try to clear customs. Sometimes that can be rectified on the receiving side and sometimes not, dependant on the underlying problem.

You can complain but whether it will get your goods delivered or result in anything positive is another topic. Step 1, is to focus on what the problem is and who needs to resolve it, not complain because JRR may be as innocent a bystander as yourself, or might be culpable, and with the information you have provided ‘we’ do not know.


I would suggest that you contact the Dubai business that you dealt with to clarify what the problem is between them and the shipping business.

I am not clear why you would be asked to pay customs fees if your goods had not landed and are now in some form of storage in Australia. Perhaps the shipping co is holding on to your goods and not releasing them to the removalists until their issue is resolved? But then why would the removalists contact you to pay for customs?

Start at the beginning (Dubai) and work forward from there.


Hi …Thank You for the reply. The shipment reached in Melbourne and all customs formalities were also done. Waiting to go head from Dubai shipment company for delivery.

Please share contact info, will call and discuss in detail.

Thank you for the reply.
Goods landed in Melbourne and all formalities done. Shipment is holding based on instruction from shipping company.

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I am not involved in goods shipping. When I said that maybe we can help, I meant that perhaps someone in this community has had an issue such as yours and could offer advice.

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