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Intel NUC 10 Performance Mini PC review

If you’re looking for an ultra-compact alternative to an all-in-one desktop PC, you could be in luck with this NUC. Check out @SteveDuncombe’s review:


Does it have an operating system such as Windows installed, or is that extra?


I believe it comes with Windows 10 64-bit included


Thank you. I was thinking it would make a good data server with a multi hard drive dock attached.


I would expect the product pricing is the barebones RRP without memory, storage or OS.

One supplier’s pricing for the barebones box. ($949) i7 model.


I could not locate a kit complete on line including SODIM, SSD and OS for the review price. Perhaps another $250 - $350 for Win10home+16GB ram+500GB SSD or M2 card.

I did find at least one bundle excluding OS for the lesser i5 CPU version and a 1GB WD SSD at a competitive price.


Best price retail in Australia on a Barebones kit ie a CPU but no RAM and no HDD/SSD was at Eyo for $878.97. This currently has an ETA in July of this year. $96 for a 16GB 2666 MHz SODIMM & $128 for the 500 GB Samsung 860 EVO SSD so a total of $1,102 plus delivery so perhaps another roughly $100 (as all three parts need to come from different suppliers to get those prices maybe $30 or so if bundled from 1 supplier but parts may be a bit higher) and a further $180 for Win 10 Home or about $225 for Win 10 Pro for a total around $1,250 to $1,350 (roughly).