Insuring Event Tickets - Beware!

I recently bought tickets to the theatre from Ticketmaster for almost $1200. Near the end of the process several “partners” offer add-on services, on of which is insurance for the tickets. As the event is a month away I was interested and clicked the box to find out how much it would cost and the conditions, however neither of these important pieces of information came up - just more and more"partner offers" (all of which I refused) and before I knew it I was paying more than $85 in insurance. Yes, I know I should have cancelled the whole rigmarole, lost the tickets and started again, but I didn’t, paid and then was sent the Insurance Policy (Allianz) from Ticketmaster. OMG - if I’d known how restrictive the conditions were I would NEVER have taken it. BEWARE - the exclusions include “the injury or sickness of a Relative aged 81 years or over” and “you or your companion taking a blood-thinning prescription such as Warfarin”, “pregnancy, childbirth or related complications after the 26th week of pregnancy”, “depression, anxiety, stress, mental or nervous conditions”, and “a sexually transmitted disease”(???) Also, if the event is cancelled, abandoned, postponed or relocated" etc…etc…etc… Don’t bother taking this rubbish insurance.


Thanks for the review @aaws, those restrictions seem pretty odd to me. Here is the Ticketmaster insurance PDS in case any other readers are interested in checking out the details.


So what does the insurance policy actually cover? doesn’t sound like much …

Is there no cooling off period?

Financial Ombudsman complaint possibly?

As soon as you said Allianz I had a sick feeling in my stomach. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time disentangling from the deadly embrace of both Allianz and NAB (and the NT TIO - who Allianz assimilated and stripped of all goodness with cold precision).


This is why it is important to read T&Cs which most of us never do.

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