Insurance coverage for a boat shed/bathing box

Anyone know an insurance company who provide cover? The only one I’ve been able to find (after many, many phone calls!) is AIS and they keep putting up their premiums by a significant amount every year.

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Hi @semci, welcome to the community.

This wouldn’t possibly be in a standard inclusion in a retail type insurance product (home and contents) and why you may be having difficulty finding retail insurance. One may need to go to a broker who can find an underwriter willing to insure the boat shed/bathing box based on the risks of the buildings and their contents. The insurance industry provides the website:

which allows consumers/businesses to find the name of brokers which may be able to assist. It may be worth searching to see if their is a local broker which can provide assistance to you.


Thanks for your response but I did try that avenue and only came up with AIS. Was hoping that there was more than 1 insurance company in the world who would cover!


I believe there are various associations that exist where there are groups of bathing boxes around Port Phillip. There is one for the Brighton group, and the Mornington Peninsula BB. Your BB could be elsewhere, but see if there is group.
They may have a group insurance arrangement at discounted rates for public liability as well as damage and contents insurance.


Thanks Greg. Yes, we are part of a group (Association) which provides the public liability insurance but we haven’t been successful in finding a reasonably priced building and contents provider.


Lloyds might do it.

Or you could try multiple insurers and ask for Holiday Home insurance, as building will be unused for a period of 60 days or greater during the year.

Terri Scheer might also be an option, also Suncorp, or WFI Insurance (they are involved in farm insurance so typically do cover sheds).

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Thanks grahroll - you’ve mentioned a couple of companies that I hadn’t tried yet but will give them a call today. I did try the holiday home option but our shed is used almost weekly year around so they advised it wasn’t really a holiday home!


Maybe also try a broker in Tasmania (such as one of the larger ones in Launceston or Hobart). One for example is McKillops which we have approached in the past for a quote.

In Tasmania there are many shacks which would be a similar style of building and also on the beach…which I suspect that owners obtain insurance. It is likely that a broker in Tasmania will have insured shacks and may know which underwriters to approach or how to present a questionnaire on your boat shed to them.


Have a look at this Google search for boat house insurers. There are a number of insurers there and in the trawler forum in the results, they mention a couple of businesses which insure boathouses.