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Inkjet Printer problems

Most compatibles are new manufacture not refills (printer manufacturer dependent). New everything. The variables are the chips and the quality of ink. The art has gotten good enough so a bad chip rarely happens, but it does. All but the cheapest inks are generally OK.

My upper-mid-range MFC street price is about twice the price of a set of OEM inks. I buy a set of compatible inks for 1/3 the price of an OEM set.

Same for laser toner and drums. The printer is only $25 more than one OEM toner. I just bought 2 compatible toners for 1/4 the price of one OEM.

The economics are compelling. I might add that the printer vendor local repair company sells OEMs and compatibles, and stands behind both equally.


Hi, I have not had that problem yet, I have a canon MG6460 and yes that will not scan without all the cartridges being full which is stupid, but so far it still works as normal. Have you tried, I think it is fair trading in your state because there is a 5 year manufacturing warranty. If you are in S.A ring Leon on talk back radio on "Radio Band AM 1395, 5AA, from 9am till 12am Monday to Friday ph 8223 0000. He is very helpful where explaining things and referring some one on to where they can go further with matters like yours. Good luck. Carrol.


I have been a fan of Canon printers for over a decade. But… My laser printer stopped feeding paper just after I’d spent $175 on replacement ink cartridges. I live in Townsville, the nearest Canon service agent is in Cairns, 300+ kms away. So I decided to replace the printer, and based on the Choice reviews decided to ignore my growing disappointment with Canon bought a TS6160. After a few weeks here’s my experience.

The printer controls are very difficult to understand and the online manual is no help. For instance setting the main paper tray as the default for platter-based copying required several calls to Canon’s supposed online help, and several emails. The printer was defaulting to the rear tray and then assuming the copy was a photo, on photo paper, and copying was extremely slow. I still do not have clear instructions to be able to repeat the fix should it be needed. The "fix’ also included repeated instructions from Canon to turn the machine off then on, to force a start of the menu hierarchy from the home screen.

Canon’s supposed on-line help using Chat is farcical. A robot (or a robotic human) takes the call, and eventually transfers the issue to JustAnswer for which a $5 fee is charged. I have been charged even though I was never connected because the JustAnswer logon screen would not recognise my mobile phone number format.

Generally, the printer is OK, but has some very annoying quirks, like the printer touch screen has to be horizontal or nearly so for the printer to work, and that makes it difficult to read; it’s also very sensitive to touch or swipe, and the menus can become cyclical when a swipe is interpreted a a touch.


Hi Mike

I understand your frustration with Canon printers.

First of all, let me clarify. You say:

So was it a laser or an inkjet you had? Assuming it was an inkjet, perhaps you could negotiate with the place of purchase to swap your recently purchased cartridges over to suit your new printer? It would be up to them to agree of course.

When you bought your new printer, you should have received an installation disk with it. On the disc there should be an electronic manual. You should install all the drivers and apps that are suggested. Included in that should be software to set the printer up. Use that in preference to the touch screen. You should find it easier and faster to navigate because you will be able to see more. And it won’t throw you out because of tilting. (Reminds me of the old pinball machines.)

As for your lack of help; if you have Facebook go to, and write a post about your experience, including the $5 fee for no service. Suppliers tend to want to fix things faster when they are exposed on social media, so you may get a message to contact someone directly.

Hope that helps.


Not a given these days. Many printers now come with a quickstart and everything else, drivers when required as well as the user guide/owner manual comes off the net. Some don’t seem to have printable (pdf) manuals any more and the ‘manual’ is a collection of online web pages. :expressionless: