Indoor blinds - does it rise to the level of "faulty"?

Well said. I was not on site when Mum had it installed, but I can see that there is nothing unique about the walls, window etc where the problem blind was installed when compared to where the others were installed.

Your comment on the chain is true. It is closest to the wall, which makes sense. Mum would have noticed had the blind been fitted so that the chains of two blinds would be millimeters apart. As you correctly guessed, my 85 yo Mum did not get on a step ladder and flip the blind over so that the chain would be far from the wall.

Of course I will not fight with the installer. If he doesn’t give me ie Mum a complimentary or even cheap price to make the blind roll as it should, I’ll leave it at that. But will make clear to him that surely he knew (as you correctly point out) that when the blind was installed, it looked like there was something wrong. That is, he knew when he brought the blind to be installed or at the very least when he put it in place. Keeping an open mind, I will also ask if there was a reason why it was installed that way. Who knows? Maybe there was a legitimate reason. Odd thing is, given what I see ie walls, glass panel etc, I don’t see a reason for placing the blind as it was placed.

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If this was the case the original poster would be asking about changing the orientation of blinds A and B, rather than that of Blind C.

This is possible but, based on the content of the original post, unlikely.

You are correct, with the client’s preference hopefully being influenced by the input of a knowledgeable measurer or installer. I omitted to qualify my comment by limiting it to the case in hand. In the case in hand, the request was made to have the chain on the wall side.

Reasons for preferring to have the chain close to the wall include, keeping it away from the edge of an adjacent blind, having the larger gap (due to the width of the chain and space around) in a place which is less likely to let in direct sunlight and it provides more options if the bottom the the chain needs to be fastened due to safety concerns or regulations.

Agreed, after this period of time their will need to be a reliance on goodwill to get the job done for less than market rates.

Possible but unlikely, refer to the information provided by the OP.

Whilst the blinds were installed 15 years ago, the issue did not take 15 years to be noticed - see original post.

The installer gets back to work next Monday and I will call him rather than speak to anyone else at that company. I am keeping an open mind to hear if there was a legit reason for the blind to roll as it does. And yes, the issue was seen years ago but it was not and remains not a major issue. It is more of an irritant and my Mum irritation grew when architects and a builder came to toss in their views about a renovation she is considering and she was looking at this blind virtually every week day.

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15 years on sounds as if it is a well established business, rare for many today.

Our mum faced many challenges with age. Being elderly everything had a place. Familiarity was the norm. Put a tea cup in a different place, leave a blind up or down a little different to routine. It was impossible for even the most insignificant details or differences to go unobserved, and loudly announced.

How might the installer respond knowing it was some time before the difference was first noticed by any using the household?

After 15 years and how many hundreds of thousands of blinds latter, hopefully the installer’s exact recollection will be as reliable, including the detail of which way each was first installed.

As an aside.
Digital cameras have been the norm, including with mobile phones for many years. I used mine for family snaps and work purposes as well as a cheap digital handheld. As an aside we’ve a growing collection of shared family pics of every Christmas, Birthdays and visits with our ever aging parents. It’s surprising how many memories and incidental household details they capture. Looking back 15 years how many of us will have pics taken in the family home to reveal all manner of curiosities?

A picture is worth a thousand words.


You wrote:

How might the installer respond knowing it was some time before the difference was first noticed by any using the household?

I suppose he will have records of the installation as he was recommended by a mutual friend and the big cheese come out to measure and install. Not one of his staff.