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Independent MP Zali Steggall to propose climate change bill to parliament

One way or another, this will hit consumers.

On a side note, the petition to declare a climate emergency closed last night with 404,538 signatures. That’s around four times the previous record number of signatures.


Looking a bit more deeply, the previous record was petition EN0494 to remove the GST on Sanitary items with 104,185 signatures. EN1041 thus managed slightly less than four times as many.

EN0494 had more than twice as many signatures as the previous record-holder, EN0395 (48,985 signatures).

There’s now another petition, asking effectively that our government not ignore the first one:
“We therefore ask the House to take action on climate change and not let the numbers of people be unheard.”


Please explain just HOW this will “hit” consumers?
After the abolition of the carbon price I did NOT see a $550 drop in my electricity bill.
The simple fact is that renewable energy sources are now CHEAPER and becoming even more so.
If the federal govt were to abolish subsidies for fossil fuels, given that Tony Abbott abolished subsidies for renewable energy, then the difference in cost would become simply overwhelming.


As I said:

The best that can happen is that the nation goes on a war footing. Investing heavily in the necessary infrastructure will impose short-term costs, but deliver longer-term savings and efficiencies, along with a bonanza of jobs and other advantages too numerous to list.

The worst that can happen is what’s happening now.

The first half of today’s Landline gives some idea of how climate change is already impacting prices.

Speaking of which: