In ground dog containment system

I am looking for information relating to in ground dog containment systems. The dog wears a collar which annoys the dog when it gets close to a perimeter wire that is laid just below the surface.

Has anyone used them? Do you have any views about them? The prices start from about $35 and go right up to $350 - however, it seems difficult to get a view from the price alone as reviews are all over the place.

I have seen one dog inside such a perimeter but that is all I know about them. I want to restrict two full size dachshunds who think any kangaroo three kms away MUST be chased even unsuccessfully LOL



Sorry I have no experience with them, our Dog containment system involves wooden palings formed into a barrier which some people we know refer to as a fence :slight_smile: That “fence” I can confirm does hinder our dog from vacating the premises :slight_smile: but not every property can have that system due to covenants, size of land, and size of wallet being among the reasons.

My cousin had a very active Red Kelpie (who has now sadly passed on) that he was able to control by installing a low level electric fence, once the dog was very aware of the tickle the fence gave (about 2 months of tickling) he was able to turn the power off and the dog never approached it no matter how strongly tempted. Every two or three months my cousin would switch the fence on for a day or two to reinforce any deterrence effect that had worn off. The fence was the ribbon type but I am unsure which fence supply he used or at what level it was set (voltage that is). If you are rural this may be a better answer and as the height does not need to be very high easy for you to walk over when needing to traverse it.


I remember a farm near a relative in the mid-north of SA where a hundred or so metre long piece of fencing wire was held tight between the crest of the farm house roof and a windmill tower next to the front gate about 20 ft or more off the ground all the way. A hound was attached via a long relatively light gauge chain to the wire and had freedom for some distance either side and the full length of the wire which would sometimes come as a surprise to visitors …


We have friends in the USA who use this sort of device to contain their dog and stop it venturing into neighboring bear-infested woods. They claim it is very effective. However, the system uses an mild electric shock from the collar to deter the dog and you should check on the legality in your state before you invest.


Thank you for your response