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"Illume" Skylight Alternative

Hi - Wondering if anyone has installed the “Illume” Skylight alternative? Any feedback or opinions you might share on brightness, type of light, looks, etc? Thanks heaps!

Welcome to the community @KNDLL.

It looks like another alternative to a traditional Skytube or sky window.

Skylights v sky windows

The product is a solar PV panel that powers a LED light panel.

If you already have solar PV or intend to install a system there would likely be no benefit in having the product, compared to installing additional LED lighting. Fixed lighting is able to be adjusted with a dimmer and available 24x7.

The product is promoted as DIY. Depending on your state or territory it would be wise to check the building regulations for roofing/plumbing work. The penetration of the roof with the cable and mounting brackets may be restricted trade work. The risk of DIY is any roof leakage and whether your insurer might reject a claim. It pays to check, despite the install being described by the supplier as relatively simple and straight forward. There are some risks with working in roof spaces and cutting out ceiling panels where there may be live electrical cables. There is no mention of these or other hazards in the installation manual I accessed on the Bunnings web site.

We have a professionally installed light tube in our kitchen. It is very effective even on dull days when our solar PV performance is very poor. It predates our PV install.


I am considering for a unit, where an actual skylight isn’t feasible. I’m looking for a light that is natural, effective but not intrusive. Any alternative sugggetions? Does not need to be DIY, nor solar, located NSW.

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Costco have a very flat panel rectangular light that looks like an Illume but is connected to the household electrics, it supports dimmers, or they have a large circular unit that has again several lumen/colour temp, and a night light, settings. Pictures of round light are above. They seem well priced and if near a Costco and a member they may suit your needs well.