IKEA warranty follow through

We installed an IKEA kitchen 5 years ago. Everything, benches, cupboards, sink mixer tap were IKEA. We had terrific help from their kitchen designers at Logan, Qld store, who were free at that time. :ok_hand:
Recently, the mixer tap a Ringskar (Article/Part Number: 30129681. $89.00) developed a wobble that I discovered was due to a broken nylon collar washer. IKEA had no parts but refunded the cost of the new tap as well as the cost of the plumber to install. They also provided a reply paid address to return the broken tap to. This saved the time required in visiting the store.:clap::clap: Whilst we had some communication problems it all worked out well. I was impressed with the warranty period on the kitchen mixer tap (10 years) so was the plumber.