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Ikea store design - Love it or hate it?


There is no option for ‘There is no IKEA for a thousand miles from me’ :wink:


Yes there is!

You could sample the online store and order a delivery, or not? :wink:

Just be sure you are on the Australian “high prices” store and not the US or European “real price” web site. :shushing_face:


I hate the layout of Ikea - it makes me feel claustrophobic and gasping for fresh air. If I wish to purchase from Ikea, I find it online, write clear instructions on price, design number, et cetera and send my husband!

About the Design: 👍 or 👎 category

I was meeting a friend at an Ikea store and he foolishly went inside to “wander around” while he waited for me. I was on the phone with him trying to give him directions when he said “hang on here comes a staff meber”. He then proceeded to say in an appropriate stressed out voice “Can you help me please. I’ve been here three days and I can’t find my way out”. Would have loved to have seen the look on the staff members voice. Me - I cracked up laughing!


A common condition?
We recently parked next to the UG car park entrance to the IKEA at a major urban shopping complex. Convenient and not too busy so a great park! Well!!! My partner, sweaty cold palms with the colour fast draining from the face protested and said some disparaging things about the choice of park! Not for publication.

Fortunately at the top of the escalator there is a choice. Turn left into IKEA or make the ‘right’ turn, and all the real shops are to hand. I was lucky.


Are you implying that even the car parks are claustrophobic near an IKEA store?:wink:


Love that @c-j-smith :joy:!


The ‘owner’ objectively loves the store design for obvious reasons. Who owns it? We all love tax evasion techniques (see #2).

The 2 sources cited are not the most reliable but it is interesting reading nonetheless, and seems to be accurate from random checks.The cited Wikipedia entry has many references shown as well as some dated and unresolved concerns from Wikipedia editors.


People have found ways to pass the time while trapped in IKEA…


My gripe with IKEA is that their buildings don’t have very good indoors mobile phone reception
… And to get more information about a product you either have to (a) use their mobile app (which doesn’t work without good signal strength), or lug the product to someone who can answer your question (or take a photo of its label and show that to a person after you find them).

==> And when the mobile signal isn’t good enough inside an IKEA you cannot use the app for the map/diagram to navigate your way around that particular store either. :unamused:


Scandalous! Clearly without enough connectivity we also cannot find our loved ones who might have become separated and lost in the bowels of the beast, or even discuss prospective purchases with them. What about toddlers too young to use a device? You still need coverage to find them by their implant so you are left hoping they will get close enough to a sensor to activate their RFID tag. Not good enough IKEA!


I’ve also found the same issue. Is this the Ikea in Tempe (nsw) or at another location? I’m just wondering if it’s all of them.

:laughing: definitely need to keep a close eye on them in a place like IKEA.


Why bother?

Just order online for pickup or better still delivery!
Save also the extra hour in the pallet racking trying to locate the three packages you decided you needed. All cryptically coded and missing one.

IKEA is a 45 minute highway drive, so close by some standards. Is it worth it? :wink:


I wish there was an IKEA in Newcastle. Never has been. I haven’t been to one since they moved from Gordon to somewhere else, years and years ago. I want to be able to see things and sit on them (if necessary) before I commit to buy.


I highly recommend checking out the store layout on line before going I wanted something in the kitchen dinning section at Springvale looking on line I realised that there was a very quick way to get there simply walk in through the checkouts turn right and there is a door at the end of the registers that takes you directly into this department saving approximately 95% of the old journey