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Ikea store design - Love it or hate it?


To the layout at IKEA stores!
Maybe a stroke of genius on the part of the seller, but I resent very much the imposition of having to visit all departments before being able to find the ‘Exit’.

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Well sometimes there’s no exit at all!


Too good to be true!:wink:


What do you think of the Ikea store design - confusing and annoying (vote :-1:) or a great way to
browse (vote :+1:)?

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Is the thumbs up for the confusing or the great way to browse option?


Sorry, touched screen by mistake. No thumbs up for Ikea’s layout!


Thanks @syncretic, I’ve clarified. I’ve voted a thumbs down for you @Gaby :slight_smile:


The stores have inbuilt short cuts which allows one to reduce the need to walk through the whole of a particular department from go to woe…but they usually arent easy to find as they aren’t well signed (for obvious reasons). I imagine they are needed for building evacuations.

Maybe get a store map either using the Ikea website or asking a staff member on your arrival. These maps show all the shortcuts.

Using these takes the pain of spending more time and money at Ikea.


Although I’m aware of what can be done to avoid looking at things I’m not interested in and spending so much time doing so, (sometimes I retrace my steps and go out at the ‘entrance ‘) I still resent having to do that! Now it has backfired on them: I avoid IKEA !


I’ve only ever been in an Ikea store once, and it took a very long time to get out of it. We spotted a food area along the way and had to stop for sustenance before resuming our search for the exit!


Would ‘we’ have been yourself and a male mate? If it was a female she would probably have waited until you bought her food, then asked an employee where the closest exit was and left :rofl:


It was my wife- she was more interested in exploring the store, although towards the end she was glad to be out of there, and I was more interested in escaping the maze ASAP! :wink:


The Cafeteria has a separate entrance, easy to find as you go in, but… if your not careful when you’ve finished, and take the stairs down you are swallowed up into the store…


Man rescued after being lost in IKEA for 12 days

(yes, a satire site)


Satire or not, that could be a story about me :joy:


In the make over of our nearest store, IKEA has put up high level signs (where you don’t normally look) showing the short cuts. They’ve also widened the opening so they look official. The down side is last time we meandered through one not realizing our back track. It’s now really easy to go around in circles.
Lost for 12 days? Now even easier.


I just popped in to buy something at IKEA Tempe, Sydney and went instantly into the maze trance we know and love.

I foolishly paid attention to the signs directing me to the checkouts but I had forgotten that they actually direct me through the entire maze without missing anything along the way.

It seems the best tactic is to find one of their helpful maps then figure out the shortcut way (it may be back the way you came).

However, after passing through the maze so quickly, I was given a special yellow badge. Apparently, if I meet another with the same badge (and they feel so inclined), we will be permitted to breed with confidence of a higher chance of children with advanced maze skills.


BTW, have you seen the soap opera shot entirely in IKEA stores? (without permission)


Having only recently spent the better part of a morning trying to find the exit, I can
whole heartedly agree with your comments.
Once I found the checkouts and exit , the only saviour was some cheap nourishment to replace my many lost calories.


Ikea heights :smile: