If money and time were no object What Place in the World would you like to visit?

For a long time we’ve been in lockdowns with many restrictions on travel. Now that the bans are lifted, many are eager to explore the world again.

Where would you like to go? Would you be interested in joining a Safari in exotic Africa? Or in mountain climbing the magnificent Himalayas 'just because it’s there’? Or going to the southernmost city and port in the world, Ushuaia in the ‘Land of fire’ to catch an Antarctic cruise?
Or would you prefer travelling in Australia to capture the beauty of the wilderness areas, the endless beaches, the iconic Uluru in the Central Australian desert?

What place is on your wish list?


Mars, lots of appeal.

  1. To be able to see and feel how the earth will look in the not too distant future,
  2. Because Musk isn’t the only person on our planet worthy of making the claim to be there first.
  3. Not sure if it’s all mine according to ‘terra nullius’, but who else will be there to argue the point? :joy:

Yes, that would really be an ‘Out of this World’ experience :laughing::rofl:


My first degree I lived in the halls of residence with lots of overseas students. Everyone else went home on weekends and holidays, so we became close. The offer & plan was to travel overseas to visit them once I got “established”, but it never came off, although I visited other countries - NZ, Fiji etc. If time wasn’t an issue (could turn back the clock 20-30 years) then I would do most of my old friends - Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.

Family history was a motivator for travel, but it has all been done - England, Malaya, China - by other family who provided photos of grave stones, old houses, churches. No distant cousins to visit as the ancestors came to Australia generations ago. Dad spent 3 years in Antarctica and I sat through hundreds of slide shows in the 60’s

The advancement in technology has kind of put me off having to go there - you can see it all from the laptop, eat at ethnic cafes, watch SBS; but age is probably our biggest hurdle.

Mr Z would like to look at England, particularly the green rolling hills, not buildings, festivals, tourist resorts or the like. Maybe an aviation or truck museum, WWII airfield.

For me, there are still lots of things I would like to see in Australia.


On my bucket list, is Libya and Tunisia (deserts, market economy, architecture, culture, people, Roman ruins etc). We tend to go to places not often frequented (or spoiled) by tourists - we enjoy going off the beaten track to experience and challenges of all things different. We had planned to travel there a few years ago, but after deciding to make these destinations our next holiday, the Arab Spring 2011 occurred. It has gone on the backburner, but will eventually plan to get there.


There are lots of islands like the Seychelles which, it has been claimed, will disappear in the near future as the oceans rise. It would be nice to see them while they are still there.


Yes, it’s such a shame that so many islands, forests, even monuments and cities (Venice for example) are in danger of disappearing due to climate change or to human mismanagement!


Everywhere, before it disappears into the ocean, the ice, or the dust. Oh… not America, been there, had 2x visits and no need to return. Canada yes, alaska and Hawaii yes. And everywhere else.


I’d like to see Africa which I’ve never visited, sadly Covid-19 has put a stop to my travels for the past 3 years, and I don’t feel confident to venture out as yet.

What interests me most when travelling is the historical aspect of the country I’m visiting. In Africa I’d like to go on a Nile River cruise, visit ancient Temples and Monuments, and join a Safari to the source of the river.

I’m intrigued by Casablanca ( ever since seeing old reruns of the Bogart and Bergman film :rofl:) and by the Pyramids. And the Great Sphinx of Giza, before pollution and erosion makes it fall apart.

And visit friends in Johannesburg and in Nigeria.

That’s on my wish-list, anyway.




The western pacific islands. On a sailing yacht. Small enough to have the paying passengers help crew, but big enough to have cabins. Say 30 meters.
Start down south and Tasmania and then off to New Zealand.
Then sail up north. Norfolk, Lord Howe, New Caledonia, Fiji, maybe French Polynesia, and up to the Solomons and Papua NG. Many other islands.
Finish off in Darwin after a stop at the Tiwi islands.


Careful what you wish for. You may have more offers of assistance than you can accommodate. Assuming your surname is not Bligh. :wink:


No floggings on the foredeck allowed. And strictly no further from a port than a week in case the beer and bubbly and goumet food runs low. :laughing:


If anyone was planning on these tourist spots, for your amusement and consideration.




Ok, I am very fortunate and have travelled a lot both within and outside Australia. I couldn’t care less if I never travelled again EXCEPT that I have 3 children who live in the northern hemisphere - 3 different continents! I have lived overseas a few times and travelled with my husband’s work. I can honestly say that if I never see the inside of another plane I will be happy - as long as I receive visits from my family.
Maybe if I could afford business class I might think differently. I now only travel long haul premium economy but really it is actually the airports that kill me. SO sick of being treated like cattle, a potential criminal and putting up with some fellow travellers, whether it be the cabin space hoggers or the crowd around the luggage carousel folk (blocking everyone else’s view). And that was before Covid!
Yes, there are wonderful things to experience but we live in a beautiful place too and my home is my oasis!
Ok so I have not answered this question in the spirit in which it was intended. I have money and points tied up in some travel credit thing from 2020 with Qantas and the thought of having to deal with them about it is soul destroying.
So even if money was no object and I could go up the pointy end of the plane, I would still have to deal with everything else. Hard pass from me!
Apart from that flying is so environmentally unfriendly. Do I need to go anywhere just for my own gratification when there are so many other ways to experience these things these days? Do I need to bring bugs from everywhere in to Oz? Come xmas, family will be arriving from 4 different countries. A melting pot of germs to share with my elderly relatives…
Apart from that, I haven’t actually lost my joie de vivre! I am probably fine with driving around within Oz if necessary.


I do agree with you about the long flights, the airports etc. It’s one of the most unpleasant price to pay when travelling ( other than the high cost :laughing:)

This I don’t agree with you, nothing replaces the experience of seeing, hearing, breathing the air of the places we visit.
Just a little example: most of us have seen Michelangelo’s David, in photos, in books, in replicas. But when I got to stand in front of the statue in Florence and I thought: this is where that great artist stood, worked on, looked at: it brought a whole new experience to life which no ‘other way’ could ever do.

I do appreciate your post, interesting and valued, thanks for sharing, :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


If money and time were no object, I’d spend more time with my loved ones, family, friends, those close and those distant. Everyone is different and I feel it is selfish to judge others on what matters to them - how can any of us know of another? - one does what one feels - for me that is people not places. OK, sometimes it is people and places, but its always people as the common theme.


Well, yes, it is true that things in person are generally better. They can be hugely disappointing though! Standing in Moma , NY in front of Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting, I could barely see it thanks to the number of people taking selfies with it! For me, it isn’t things like that but more the experience of living the life of a native spaniard or whatever which is so delightful and which I have been fortunate enough to do. Those experiences cannot be done any other way, it is true. Visiting Venice on the other hand, even though I was taken by a friend who lived there into some special spots to see Giottos etc was the disappointment of my travel life.
Ok, I admit that I probably would go on one of those fabulous boat cruises in Alaska if I had more money than I knew what to do with! :slight_smile:


I like that!

Could I just say that the topic was meant to be a light-hearted one:
‘…I would like to visit this place…if money and time were no object…’

The wish to sail around the western pacific islands in a yacht (in the footsteps of Cap. Bligh?:laughing:) would best describe the intended tone.