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Hybrid Solar Air Conditioning Marketing - deceptive and misleading

This product can supposedly reduce daytime running costs by up to 97% and save annually nearly $4,000 of electricity if you install a 3.5kW Hansol Hybrid Air Conditioner. All for only $3,055 plus installation costs!

Too good to be true? The physical product may be real and reliable. The marketing claims appear to be pure fiction worthy of the ACCC’s attention?

What does everyone else see here?

Two .au links and two extracts for the Hansol branded product from the China.



Note the incomplete details concerning the actual basis and conditions for each example. Cunning deception to provide some relatable facts without the critical connecting dots? Ignorance is bliss!


The claimed electricity costs for normal aircons are pure fantasy. $4,881 p.a. for a 3.5 kw system. “Tell him he’s dreaming”.

Before our solar and battery system was installed last month, our annual bills were around $2,200 including a pool, and we have 2 x 7 kw and 1 x 3.5 kw. The first 2 run for around 12 hours on most days and the latter normally runs 24/7.

At least worth a Spot-A-Shonky nomination.



Thanks @mark_m, well spotted!