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Hybrid Foods Silliness

Every week there seems to be at least one new food item which is a hybrid of 2 existing foods.

Ice creams incorporating biscuits, chocolates or lollies.

Chocolates incorporating lollies or biscuits.

Biscuits incorporating lollies.

Do consumers really need an ever increasing range of sugar laden snacks?

This has to be one of the silliest…

Yesterday my wife was able to try one at her work (a colleague had brought in opened packet for other to try). From what was said about the taste test, I don’t think that these will ever make it into our shopping trolley.


I think some of it is trying to replicate recipes (for those who can’t be bothered cooking …) such as “Nuts & Bolts” which was a great Nibblies/morning tea stand-by, made with Nutrigrain, soup mix, spices, oil & bake. I see that advertised ready-made now.

The marketing people probably trawl instagram & facebook for all the trending recipes to replicate as ‘ready made’ for parents who just don’t have the time or the know-how. Ice cream and (whatever people broke up and incorporated into it) eg cherry ripe, chillies, coconut, rocky road etc.
Cadbury seem to experiment with weird, short lived flavours. I usually get to try them when our ‘warehouse’ supermarket has bought a pallet load of the now discontinued line and has them out for a third of their RR. Milk chocolate and popcorn this week - 170g $1.29. Mr Z liked the first bite, but after two more squares declared it too floury.

I think they get enough people buying out of curiosity that it is worth the short lived new lines.