Hybrid car batteries

Hello, I have a 7+ yr old hybrid car and have been told it’s time to ditch it for something new. Apparently the batteries only last 8 yrs+ and very expensive to replace. So far the car has done less than 100,000km and serviced on a regular basis. Purchased new in 2015. Advice welcome. Thanks.


Has the usable electric range decreased much? Has the fuel economy changed much?

A BEV will be a lot more efficient and less expensive to run, if your budget allows it.


They will last a lot longer than this. Generally car manufacturers only warranty the battery for about 8 years and where the advice you have stemmed from. A warranty running out doesn’t mean that the battery is kaput.

As @gordon has indicated, if you haven’t noticed any discernible change in vehicle fuel efficiency, it is likely that the battery has a lot longer usable life.

If the fuel efficiency has increased substantially (and possibly more than a non-hybrid model of the same make and model), then it may indicate that the battery isn’t functioning properly. A hybrid car with a battery not functioning properly can use more fuel than an equivalent non-hybrid model due to the increase weight being moved around.

It is possible to get condition testing of the battery system. If you do, make sure it is someone that doesn’t have a vested interest in trying to sell you a new car. An option for independent testing is seeing if the automobile association in your state has facilities to do testing, as part of their vehicle testing services. Such as:


At a guess 7 years back the most popular hybrids sold in Australia were Toyota (includes Lexus) models. Your owners manual will include advice on a dash display that activates when the battery has failed, or there is a related fault.

The following covers a range of potential signs your battery may be failing. However your battery could be perfectly ok and a fault exist elsewhere, EG faulty battery power control module (PCM).

I’m not recommending Dr Hybrid as a product. I did find the list of symptoms useful. It’s also convenient to point out there may be more than the dealership service providing expertise in your part of Australia.

Looking to the web and USA which has millions of hybrid vehicles most talk is of batteries lasting well passed the 100,000 miles (160,000 km mark). How you use your vehicle, urban crawl vs longer driving will also be a factor.

For those with a suitable scanner (OBD-II) and are familiar with it’s use there are diagnostic fault codes listed on line.


Many thanks. All advice taken on board.