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Huawei cyber vulnerabilities


If you are of Chinese background and/or you are an outspoken critic of China and/or you have sensitive secret Australian security or military or intellectual property information in your possession or ? then the Chinese government otherwise the Australian government.

Nah. :slight_smile:

Baby steps.


It must be about security, but oh wait, it can be resolved by trade talks. Really, it must be about security, right?

Huawei has said the US president’s attacks are motivated by a desire to advance American economic interests and have nothing to do with national security.

Funny that?


There’s the politics of it (the posturing, the manoeuvring, the BS) and then there’s the reality of it.

The reality of it remains: all tech companies are potentially compromised and should be assumed to be compromised unless there is demonstration to the contrary.

Huawei attempted to demonstrate to the contrary - in respect of just one Huawei device (never mind about their entire product range) - and

a) failed to demonstrate it (so far), and

b) did show that their software process is not very good.

The “Huawei dispute” might go away but the problem remains. All it would mean is that the US government would be choosing to ignore the problem i.e. prioritising money over security.

China, being at the foundation of the entire tech industry, as the manufacturer of a great many devices, is in a position to insert vulnerabilities (compromises) that are extremely difficult to detect or eradicate. That is an inconvenient truth.

I doubt anyone could seriously argue that China does not have the technical capability. So it really comes down to whether you believe they have the motivation.


Without detracting from your many salient points, it is ‘easy’ to find a fault, but it is ‘not easy’ (and could be impossible in a practical sense) to show an ‘absence of faults’. And so goes the suspicion about Huawei.

The link to it being solvable in trade wars seems the only concrete issue on the table.


For sure. In a brave new world we are only just starting to approach that problem.

… and every other tech company (particularly in for example US, China, Australia).


I suspect the Chinese Embassy in Washington has failed to hold enough events at the Trump International - or at Mar-a-Lago.