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How to switch to the best electricity provider


Switching your energy deal may help you save money this summer.

What are your experiences with switching energy providers?


Had no problems switching my electricity from A.G. Hell to Tango Energy a few months back. However, the ease of changing over may have had something to do with the fact that I had recently lodged a formal complaint with the Ombudsman about AGL and that matter was being investigated at the time. Indeed, it’s still being investigated. Signing up with Tango was a straight forward process. Had two monthly bills, so far. Very simple and easy to understand. Of course, it’s early days. Unfortunately, they don’t offer gas at this stage. And that’s the account with which I’ve had the most problems in regard to my dealings with Australia’s most complained - about energy retailer. Still shopping around for a new gas supplier.


Consider going all electric- studies have shown it is less expensive in the long run, particularly if you have a PV system. Of course there is the initial up front cost, but it will pay for itself in the long run, and it is one less energy provider you have to deal with!


In regional Queensland, there is no choice, only the Government owned Ergon Energy.



Off-grid is always a choice :wink: