How to stay fit during lockdown restrictions?

Since the pandemic, some Australian States have been subjected to stringent restrictions in order to contain the spreading of covid-19.
Melbourne is in its 5th lockdown.
Among the many restrictions: gyms are closed, and the time we’re allowed out for exercise is limited.

In this circumstances it’s inevitable to be inactive for many hours of our day, and difficult to maintain proper physical fitness.

What could we do while stuck at home:
follow exercises online…dance to music while doing housework…walk on the spot while working at home?

How do you manage to stay fit if you’re in a lockdown? Please, share your tips and suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:


We aren’t in lockdown, but we always get the fitness people to come to us :slight_smile: They are deemed essential workers and can travel. Exercise can be done with due care using physical distancing, face masks on, even gloves etc.


That sounds like a great idea @meltam

At the moment we are not allowed visitors to our homes, with the exception of an intimate partner and, for those who live alone, a ‘bubble’ with one other person.

A personal fitness trainer sounds good :sunglasses:


All of the muscles that are exercised in a gym can be exercised at home with aerobic exercises. There is no need for anything to be left out. One can start with some stretches then some push-ups, star jumps, planking, running on the spot with knees up, burpees, etc. Easy to fill in 20 or 30 minutes.


This is the sort of program I had in mind. It’s progressive so that you can start off easy & increase the training as you become used to it. I used a program like this years ago that had been developed for the British Commandos. Once you got through the 3 month progression it only takes 20 minutes a day to keep it up.


Just doing gardening (including improvements) washing and hanging clothes on the line and thoroughly cleaning the house from top to bottom (inc washing walls, windows etc) is good exercise and it is free. The added benefit is the house is spick and span, clothes all done and garden looking great.

If lockdowns are extended, there are home improvements which can be done such as renovating furniture or painting inside or out. Oil outdoor timber and clean concrete/pavers and other outdoor surfaces.


In today’s papers: “ Lockdown extended by 7 days means that by next Tuesday Melburnians will have notched-up 185 days inside their homes”

I have deep-cleaned, rearranged, improved my flat within an inch of its life.
I’ve got in touch by phone and online with friends and acquaintances as much as it is humanly possible.
All it’s left now is for me to try the British Commando exercises, which look challenging but I know will help with the back-ache I developed while shifting furniture :laughing:


Outside, we’ve been walking, jogging, bike riding, hitting tennis balls against walls.

Inside we’ve been doing yoga, mat pilates, Nintendo Ringfit Adventure and Xbox Kinetic games, standing up when working on the computer. We’ve experimented with random Youtube exercise, yoga, pilates and dance channels too.


Personally, I prefer walking for my outside exercise because I’m able to do it while wearing my mask, whereas when running, jogging, cycling, a mask makes it a bit hard to breathe well, and in fact those are among the few exceptions we can be outside without one on.
And whenever I’m passed by a runner/jogger on the footpath, I’m thankful for my protection against their exhalations :neutral_face:

Love your dance channel suggestion though :laughing: