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How to save money on gluten-free food


Regardless of the reasons for going gluten free, it’s likely the food you will need to buy is going to be more expensive. We help out with some tips to save money.

Have you tried gluten free food? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


Step one: get a proper diagnosis from a competent health professional that gluten is your problem. Said professional will give you sound dietary advice whether you have coeliac disease or do not. If you do not need gluten free foods you will quickly save the cost of the diagnosis and then some. You don’t need a special diet just because your bestie does or because it is fashionable or some guru on the internet says so.

Note that adopting a gluten free diet beforehand can ruin the diagnosis, so get tested first and follow your doctor’s directions for doing so.

No I haven’t tried gluten free food. I am not coeliac and I like bread with traditional texture and avoiding unnecessary expense.


Good advice, thanks @syncretic :+1: