How to find an electrical engineer to advise on converting my house from gas to solar energy

I have a small terrace house in South Melbourne and would like to instal solar panels, but as a part of a larger project to replace my existing gas stovetop and gas fired ducted heating system. I already have a rooftop solar hws and would like to replace it with solar panels and move the hws (or replace it) to where the gas heat exchange unit (I’m a bit hazy on my definitions here) is sited. I think what I’d like is a solar powered heat exchange unit which will provide for my ducted heating and also supply my hot water. I would appreciate some advice as to who to ask to advise me on this?

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Have a look at Solar Quotes ( The tradespeople all vetted to ensure good standards of work and advice. There is also lots of information on the site to educate those who are interested in getting better information for themselves.

The Solar Quotes business is often referred to on this site for those interested in getting quotes and information.


Thanks for that response, I already sent off a request to them as I saw them recommended through Choice. Unfortunately I only got a form-type of response which didn’t actually address my question, hence my request to this forum.

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The form that is normally sent out is so they can offer you the best businesses to offer quotes that suit your situation. There is a lot of information that is present on the Solar Quotes site and I do recommend taking some time to read through the relevant areas first. Often many answers will be found from that study. It will also help when you understand more as it will help make you better informed about the whys of choices that are placed before you. The people who quote for you should be able to give you the advice you seek, there is no obligation to accept any quote and you should be able to rely on the advice they give as they have been carefully vetted to provide best service by Solar Quotes.

If you want to read more in depth, Finn has produced a great book that can be downloaded at a cost or can be read online for free

Online read (section 3 is about water heating)

An article that might interest you as well

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Asking a competent reliable expert to provide recommendations on the most suitable solution/s is one way to avoid poor solutions. In addition to the prior specific recommendation, there are also consultants who specialise in high energy efficiency home design. There’s a variety of integrated (novel?) products which have footprints more suited to smaller sites.

While you are progressing your inquiries the following discussion topics may stimulate some further thoughts.

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