How to detect the best detectors?

What a minefield it is buying a metal detector - and metal detecting would seem on the face of it to be a great hobby. Initially all I wanted to do personally is find a missing piece of jewellery (that I’m sure I’ve buried somewhere in my garden - yes, take it off before you go gardening! wear gloves! etc.) But then I thought: this could be fun! Sadly, the price range is huge (from entrance-level for amateurs to exorbitant for professionals), the complexity of issues (depth, display, etc.) is daunting and the reviews are all over the place. It would be so great to have Choice test metal detectors for hobbyists, for forgetful gardeners and the like.

In the meantime, if anyone has good advice, I’d love to receive it. (Renting is out of the question where I live.)


For a once off attempt to locate lost treasure, I’d think again about renting one- it’s going to be be way less expensive than buying, even if you have to drive 100km to find one, assuming the jewellery justifies it!
You should be able to find one to rent in most large cities, and also towns around prospecting regions.

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I’d use social media to “advertise” your need for a metal detector and get someone who has one to search for you. Negotiate the price directly with them. Gold prospectors are a good bunch. You might even find someone nearby who’ll do it for nothing or a slab of beer. Check out gold prospecting groups or forums as well.
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Yes an investigation into the reliability and cost of metal detectors - we are told the best are made in Australia. But why the exorbitant cost. Definately needs investigative research to validate their value on several levels.

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