How to decide between Hybrid or laminate flooring?

I’m confused about how to decide between Hybrid Resiplank flooring and Quickstep laminate flooring. It’s for a new house and will be used in all rooms except wet areas. I’ve chosen the desired colour and have had timber floors in the past and want something more resistant to scratching etc. Can anyone help?

Are you sure you don’t want to go with bamboo instead? I installed a strand woven floor about ten years ago and it still looks great, and is worry free for moisture issues.
The only complaint is, I chose a wide plank, and it is a bit lumpy as it seems three bamboos have been meshed together per plank
On the other hand my brother went with a narrower plank, a standard hardware store variety, and his looks great.
No drumming with a decent underlay, and reasonably simple to install.
As far as scratches, worry free, simply wipe with a damp cloth and the scratches disappear.
I’m not in the industry.


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Thank you for your feedback on flooring, it is helpful to get a broad cross section of user experiences.