How to deal with the ongoing EpiPen shortage

An EpiPen shortage has left allergy-suffing Australians vulnerable.

Here’s some advice on staying safe during an emergency:


How can there not be an alternative? That’s gross negligence!

And, how is can Pfizer allow stocks to run this low? That’s just downright culpable. There should be some sort of fine for this.


They will say it is a cost situation, and as a non government business they can make or not make a particular item without sanctions. Free enterprise works until it doesn’t. What will more than likely happen is they will get an injection (pun) of funds from the Government and will supply the pens again in larger quantities. What it really needs is competition in making this item but until it happens don’t expect a lot of change in the ugly reality of taking profits where ever they (businesses) can

Same happened years ago with Testosterone Implants, they were made by one company and they didn’t make enough money so they ceased production and then it was either injections or gel if you needed it.