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How to change your Facebook privacy settings


Have you checked your Facebook privacy settings lately? If you use this social network, the below tips can help limit the way your data is shared. Although, be aware that you may never be able to completely delete the data.

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From Privacy International comes this worrying bit of information about how apps from the Google Store could be sending data to Facebook even with you logged out of Facebook, please note many apps may also be sending data to other 3rd parties. Also the cut and paste below contains links generated by the email producer and while they should be safe I cannot advise that they are.

" Hello friends,

In December 2018, we revealed how some of the most widely used apps in the Google Play Store automatically send personal data to Facebook the moment they are launched. That happens even if you don’t have a Facebook account or are logged out of the Facebook platform (watch our talk at the Chaos Communication Congress (CCC) in Leipzig or read our full legal analysis here).

Today, we have some good news for you: we retested all the apps from our report and learnt that we’ve made some real impact. Two thirds all apps we retested, including Spotify, Skyscanner and KAYAK, have updated their apps so that they no longer contact Facebook when you open the app.

Here’s the bad news: seven apps, including Yelp, the language-learning app Duolingo and the job search app Indeed, as well as , the King James Bible app and two Muslim prayer apps, Qibla Connect and Muslim Pro still send your personal data to Facebook before you can decide whether you want to consent or not. Keep in mind: these are apps with millions of installs.

Luckily, we have some other good news for you: as promised during our talk at CCC, we’re releasing our testing environment so that more people can replicate our work! Many apps we tested, including those that no longer send data to Facebook, still send a shocking amount of personal data to all sorts of third parties. So please do replicate our work (and let us know what you find!)

We’re also doing more: we’ve raised the issue of third-party tracking on apps with the European Data Protection Board and the European Data Protection Supervisor. We’ve written to every single app that still sends too much data to Facebook and asked them to release an update. We also contacted Facebook again and urged them to change the default behavior of the Facebook Software Development Kit (SDK)

Take care,

Frederike Kaltheuner (Corporate Exploitation Lead),
Christopher Weatherhead (Technology Lead)"

As they have released their testing environment Choice may wish to avail themselves of this and run their own tests.