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How to buy the best kettle for your kitchen

You’ll find a kettle in almost every kitchen, but what makes a good one - price, noise level, style? Let us know your preferences in the comments.

We have a new Kettle review for 2022 (member content) and a buying guide to help you buy the best kettle:


I am not a fan of electric plastic kettles are they even safe? When I have travelled staying in motels if that is what is offered I don’t use it and take a small one with me just in case. Are plastic kettles a health issue?


Hi Lesley and welcome.

Why do you think this is a problem? We use plastic water jugs, drinking glasses, coffee cups and water pipes (indoors) all the time. All my household water comes out of big plastic tanks. Is there some particular reason this might be a unhealthy that you are aware of?


Yours is the first time I heard that worry. Plastic kettles have been in use for many decades and as @syncretic mentioned virtually all water and drink products come or are delivered by some sort of plastic, and his questions are germane.

You might refer to the links @BrendanMays posted at the top. Some of the better performing as well as cheapest kettles are plastic.


Welcome @Lesley1

Are you concerned with transmission of diseases or the accumulation of plastic in the body or a matter of electrical safety or similar safety issue? It might be easier to research credible information about your concerns if we know what you mean by safe in regards to plastic kettles, there is often a plethora of unsupported and erroneous information out in the world that can mislead consumers about products.