How Product Support Should Work: ECCO Shoes

I previously posted about ECCO shoes warranty that should be the model for retail.

In 2016 my partner bought a pair of women’s shoes from ECCO, Bourke St, Melbourne. We long since lost the receipt but had a card record. For reasons not important they were not worn beyond a lap of the house on carpet in 2016 until last month. A composite trim between the sole and upper literally disintegrated as soon as the shoes flexed in 2022.

Contacting ECCO with photos of obviously unworn shoes, they provided a reply paid address to send them for evaluation. After very little back and forth they offered a full credit on a new pair from their web site.

Since fit and comfort cannot be ascertained on a web site and the offer was only for two tries she picked a few that looked good and found stock at a not too distant ECCO shop (Essendon). She tried on a few and loved two. The original game plan was to ID what she wanted, advise head office, and they would send them out.

The shop assistant was marvellous and after our explanation and producing the email chain, asked if she could act as intermediary with the head office who approved the return so we could walk out with replacement shoes on the day. She did, everything connected without any kerfuffle with internal auth codes, and because everything was on sale this week we bought three pair with the value of the faulty return applied to the sale.

Can it get better? No way I could praise ECCO more highly.


Thanks for this post. I have worn many ECCOs over the years, and have consistently loved them. Good to know the organisation handled this problem so well. Well done ECCO.