How much does the dentist cost?

We uncover the average cost for a number of dental services:


An excellent article but finding a good dentist is as problematic as finding a good GP or a good surgeon.

Personal recommendations seem all that is available since the medical profession makes outcomes opaque and actions taken against practitioners all but impossible to learn about. My current dentist seems to be at the 80th percentile in fees but he does brilliant work with crowns. Would I be happy to pay less for the same skill? Absolutely, but how am I going to find it in a practical sense.

Therein lies a problem, discussed briefly in another topic whereby multiple dentists provided differing prognoses and recommendations. At the end of the day knowing costs is but one part of the information needed to make our own calls re our provider.


How very opportune and informative article! Just right for me at the moment.

I’ve been attending the same dental clinic, every 6 months, for the last 17 years. To me, more important than cost is the relationship I have established with the dentist, being well known at the clinic, having treatment fully explained,
my decisions respected and supported.

I’ve dropped ‘extras’ in my private health insurance years ago, just not worth it, but have joined in-house membership at the clinic which includes one free visit and 15% discount off practice prices, for a fee of $299.00 and have saved more money that way than with the extras insurance.

I’ve been quoted $2054.45 (with discount) for root canal treatment.

Should I go around looking for a better price? Or a better dentist ?
It would mean more painful tests, more X-rays, more stress, and uncertain outcome, IMOO.


The quote I got was more expensive (about $2800) and that was 3 years ago. I’d say stick with the known. Or get an extraction.


My father is frequently extolling the virtues of travelling to Thailand for major dental care. According to him he can fly to Bangkok, have a week’s holiday plus his treatment for the cost of just the treatment in Australia. I have spoken to some well-qualified people who are very positive about the level of dental care available in Thailand, although concerned about after-care if patients are returning to Australia (its available here, but do these people seek it?)

Not much use to him at the moment, and I don’t know how any Australian dentist he needs to see while he can’t get to Thailand will feel about his attitude…


Your father has given me ideas for my next trip :wink:


Choice has covered this in the past.


This is an interesting question - it’s like “how long is a piece of string?” Almost 40 years ago I moved into a new area and went looking for a local dentist. I used the yellow pages and called dentists near our home and asked for the price of a check-up and a clean. Some would not give me an answer, others were happy to oblige. The clinic I ended up at charged about half the price of the most expensive one who was prepared to quote.

He turned out to be an excellent dentist and I’m still seeing him even though I have moved to another suburb. He is not aligned with a health fund so never offers unnecessary treatments (such as fluoride treatment). Just a nice suburban dentist.

I took my children to him for checkups when they were small, they never needed any dental work so he would charge me $1 for each kid!

The guy drives a Porsche 4wd so is obviously making a good living and his charges are still very reasonable. My only regret is that he will be retiring soon and I will have to find someone else!


I have been quoted $1500 for a crown - I need two. Is that about the going price?


Daughter’s was around $3k for one, I am guessing $1,500 might be reasonable but others here might be able to provide better comparisons…Dentists differ both in skill and price with neither of those actually a way to sift the good from the bad. You probably are better off asking if the Dentist is any good or not, that may be a way to garner if the $1,500 is going to be a good spend or not. This forum may not be able to give that quality of feedback but a search of the dentist’s name on the net may yield better results.

Our advice is generally general in nature, we need to be careful about libel/defamation laws and to avoid savaging honest providers. We often name businesses that fail or exceed expectations but proof is needed of any misdeeds.

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My dentist does superb crown work. My comparison is with a US dentist who caters to a US state’s beauty contestants. He was brilliant and my local dentist is every bit as good. $1720. I and my partner have had a few replaced from age, and she some new ones. Anyone wanting a reference in Eltham VIC can PM me for details.


Informative article. In my place the charge is bit low. I think it depends on where the clinic is located. If clinics are located in simple offices or commercial spaces, they will likely have lower charge.

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Very good price. I paid more 10 years ago