How long does it take to read a Choice Magazine cover to cover?

I’m curious as to how long it would take on average to read a CHOICE magazine cover to cover
I’ve explored this by timing read time using a stopwatch and have found the average to be around 180 minutes (aka 3 hours).

I wonder what the community thinks of this

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I have no idea never having read it from cover to cover. Why do think this is important?


3-4 weeks usually, a coupe of minutes while having breakfast each day.


While this sounds like a riddle, I do have a stop watch. I might need to rewind it a couple of times before I finish if that’s important.

I make do without the print edition, and exchange for a few watts of solar to run the iPad.


Which side?

Takes me only a few minutes if I read the outside.


This is a familiar answer:
Double the time it takes to read from front cover to middle page :laughing:


Rarely if ever do I read it cover to cover. I tend to graze.

Firstly I usually have a quick flip through and read those bits that grab my attention, noting what else is in that edition. Later as time permits I may come back and read the remaining bits and pieces.

Some articles are not relevant so don’t get read, unless someone asks about it.


The same thing for me, can’t read it all at once. I like to part it.

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Entire front cover, all inside content excluding jargon at the bottom of the inside cover and the list of names on page 74. And of course, I would read the Hard Word.
Not to mention the index page which is useful if you are looking for a particular review over the year’s tests.

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Welcome to the community @stillc.

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In order to maximise value for money, but more than that is the value of knowledge; you may read about something in the magazine which may be useful later.
Especially people who have photographic memories, they could be able to remember the top products in a certain category and then make an informed decision based on that.

I do read Hard Word…and most of the time leave this as a treat after the magazine is read.

I tend to read the front section thoroughly, while the reviews of products on the second half tend to skim unless there is one of particular interest.


@phb …leave as a treat after the magazine is read.

I do that too. You end up really excited.

I also like to leave the sneak peek for next month’s issue until the end.

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That doesn’t apply to me. My aim in subscribing is to have information about consumer law or activities and a reference to reviews. I don’t feel I ought to read the whole thing to get value for money, there are products that I would never buy for example so I don’t care about which is the best.

I don’t subscribe to the paper version any more so I don’t sit down to read it at all. Even if I did there would be no need to recall the details as my shopping strategy is to do research first then shop, so I usually have the information with me when required.

If I should not do my homework there are two ways to have the necessary knowledge, to be able to recall it as required and to be able to find it as required. I feel no need to memorise the reference books in my library as I can consult them any time, the same goes for the online version of Choice.