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How do we use the Q&A function to answer questions?


I would like to know how and whether this works.

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Just hit reply to add your answer. Then the questioner can look at all the replies and tick the “solution” button for the best answer. Then in the question above a checkmark appears saying “solved”.

But this is not a very good design for a Q&A system. By definition, the questioner does not know the right answer. So they shouldn’t be the one ticking “solved”. It should be up to experts in the community to decide, and/or for the community as a whole to vote.


Yes, the questioner does not know the answer but you will find many similar forums where an answer may be given which is then tested by the questioner and found to work so they can say it does work. In other cases the questioner may not know the answer of have access to testing the answers given, which is more the case you are talking about where outside experts can have their say.


Yes – I suppose it’s true that the questioner knows whether the solution satisfied them.


May I also suggest that there is often more than one solution, and closing off a discussion may prevent a more elegant/appropriate/efficient/etc. solution from appearing.

I like the communities where users can advise if an answer works for them, and the most ticked answer rises to the top. This leaves it open for more answers, and for users to look for other answers. I have had this experience when looking for solutions to problems with my computer. Often after trying, the top answers didn’t work for me, but a much later response did.

Also, it would help if users could easily identify themselves as working in a field they are answering a question in. This would obviously change how their answers are viewed (either as biased, or knowledgeable, or…)


Great ideas. Our communities developer @rimian is looking into creating a more powerful Q&A plugin. I reckon upvoting and expertise are important components.