Household heat pumps

Comparison with other hot water systems


Thanks @Liz49, we’ll be sure to consider your request :+1:


In the interim, before Choice has the funds and time to do a unbiased, independent review, there are website like:

Which provide general information about water heaters.


I’d like to see a comparison of hot water heat pump systems. Our old electric storage unit is ~OK, a touch under-sized & not quite end of life. This is a purchase for when the time is right.

Stumbled on a unit on display in a shopping centre & later googled it. Surprised to see (exclusive of installation), units being sold from only $275 (inclusive of full Vic rebates & delivery). As I have solar panels, this would be an extra $1000. This is still in the same pricing zone or better than many gas units.

But are these lower priced heat pumps good enough?

Apart from value/functionality, my concerns are noise (outside, a few meters from bedroom windows) & speed to reheat (related to correct sizing - not over or under-sizing)

Can you share details of the unit and offer, as some of the community might be familiar with the product and can comment?

Longer term reliability has been an issue for some older units. Heat pumps use a refrigerant gas and operate similar to any split system air conditioner in heating mode.

I didn’t really want to promote any particular model. It was rather that these seemed economical - however that really depends on more than price - and hence my search of Choice testing.

Looking at the Vic Veet calculator, there are 24 heat pump brands in the market. The STC calculator mixes all the different types of solar equivalent water heaters. Of several brands of heat pumps I looked at, STCs varied between 27 & 34 = around $220 rebate variation of a total amount around $1000.

For many people, the questions are:
“I can’t install solar panels - should I install a heat-pump hot-water system?”
“Unit ABC has more STC’s. Is it worth to pay more for that heat pump?”
and …

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