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Hounded by nuisance callers?



Some ‘research surveys’ (to be polite) are conducted by Reachtel. ‘Research surveys’ are exempted from the ACMA Do Not Call register. Reachtel have their own opt-out list :slight_smile:


Most survey companies do have an opt-out list…not sure if this is a legislative requirement but worth asking when they call.

I used to always politely say not interested in carrying out a survey and then hang up…and then a few weeks/months later the same survey company would call again asking to complete a survey. I suspect our number went on a ‘does answer’ list.

When I now get a survey when the caller is a person (rather than a robot), I ask them who they are and whether it is possible to opt-out from future ‘survey’ calls.

Some will do so over the phone but others give details (e.g. go to their website or send and email (e.g. with a request to have ones number removed.

As a result, the number of surveys we get has also disappeared, with exception of the robocall/automated ones.


I have had for at least two months now been receiving calls at a rate of three per week(sometimes daily) by someone who when I answer remains silent and after about 5 seconds hangs up. I *69 the call and it came from Apple Marketing Group.
This feels more like stalking than usual harassment where they ask for donations.
I have sent a Do Not Call e-mail to them so we will see if they will pay attention.


Here is an item I posted in April 2017. "I recommend you get a Telstra "Guardian"cordless phone set. I got one in November last year and since then I have not received one scam call.

Calls to numbers on your call list (capacity 2000) go through as normal.

If not on your contact list, caller is asked to identify themselves. If they don’t the call is immediately terminated.(you are not even aware of a call). If they do announce themselves the phone rings and displays caller details as provided by caller. You have the option of accepting call once, always, or blocking number.

We love it!

As at December 2018 the number of scam calls received remains at ZERO.


I emailed their DNC form in Feb 2017. Last I heard from them, so they honour requests.


My home phone allows me to block numbers, but that doesn’t really help at all. About half the nuisance calls come up as ‘Private Number’, and even the remainder seem to be different numbers every time. Even if you try to block them via the NBN modem, you’re going to hit the same problem.


Mine is on the ‘Do Not Call’ register. That might have some effect, but it isn’t substantial.

Calls seem to come in waves. I’ll go for months with no problems, then there will be calls every few minutes. Some days, the only way I can get any peace is to unplug the 'phone.