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Hounded by nuisance callers?



My advice from further up in this topic that can help you avoid many of these “cold” callers:

Basically when registering for any service/site/business where you do not want or expect ongoing calls use the “dummy” SIM number (you can also use it for 2 factor authentication of sites if you want) and only release your “main” number to those who are family, friends, and others with whom you expect more frequent and allowed contact.


Does it work on Private Caller with no number given ?


While the efficacy may be phone specific, check


So far there haven’t been too many calls on my smart phone, but recently I was getting calls on the landline about every 10 - 15 minutes. It would ring 6 or 7 times, not long enough for the answering machine to kick in, then stop. This went on for a couple of days. I listened once to see if it was a robocall, but what I did several times was just lift the receiver for a few seconds, then replace it. I figured who/whatever it was would have to pay for the call.


Thanks for taking up the challenge Brendan

I have signed and passed on to the public via Twitter and Facebook.

If everyone who cares can sign, hopefully things will change!
Cheers Natalie :slight_smile:


What is worse is that you have to pay to have your phone number unlisted


That seems to depend on your phone carrier. Not all charge. Maybe you should shop around?


TPG unlist the number for free still (you can adjust this in your account online)


Thanks grahroll
But how does it help if Sensis still puts your name in the phone book ?


Sensis gets the list from the telcos. Guess who owned/s Sensis? Right on, Telstra! In 2014 Telstra sold 70% equity to the US Platinum Equity but still have 30%. Platinum Equity sugar coats their business, but simplified is they buy distressed companies, rebuilds or carves them up in the most profitable way they can, and makes lots in the process.

Once in the listings it can be difficult to get off out-of-cycle, but contact your telco and demand they delist you from the directory databases they sell/provide to Sensis. They should be able to give you an idea when that might be. Some telcos will put their hands out and some will not, and you can chose to stay with any one of them, or not.


Yep to the [quote=“TheBBG, post:90, topic:11786”]
delist you from the directory databases
Also once you have chosen the silent option get them to change your phone number (if you don’t have a wish to keep it), this way you are out of the current online directory/phone book run. Be aware though you may still get calls for that new number as it is likely a recycled one from someone else. It takes about 12 months if this happens for it to quiet down a lot. I can attest to this as this has been our experience for several numbers. We now try to port our number when changing address or as recently with the NBN, our provider. Also get your name & number registered with the Do Not Call Register as any ethical businesses will cull the number if they do happen to get it from the listings from Sensis, it won’t stop the unethical though.


This advice might help if you’re getting a lot of unwanted calls to your mobile phone:


A good reminder about this:

… but in my view it should be all unsolicited are disallowed.

By far the most effective way to block calls is to send all calls that are not in your contacts list immediately to voicemail without even ringing. I have to make a few return calls to people I actually did want to speak to, but I rarely get a message from a scammer (including political parties, charities, etc).


TPG saya "Once details are modified for directory listing please allow approximately 5 working days for the changes to reflect on White Pages/Sensis. " for us, it took about 3 days for our number to stop appearing on Whitepages online directory database (inc. Apps).

You will be atill in the hardcopy whitepages phone book until the next compliation run (if you select for your number to be silent after the commencement of the production of the next phone book, you may still be in this phone book even if it comes shortly after requesting your number becomes silent).


I shall email TPG and ask them to remove me from the White pages


You can do it via your web account with them. But a phone call works as well, just check after that it appears that way in your web account.


To change when logging onto your TPG account:

  1. Under TPG Home Phone Services, select View TPG Home Phone Service Account
  2. Select Home Phone Service Control Panel
  3. Under Directory Listing(Free Service), click on silenced.
  4. On the bottom of the same page, click on Update

Then you can log out and the number has been set to silenced and will no longer appear in the Whitepages online or the next Whitepages phonebook. Note: It does not change the visibility of your number when calling someone…your phone number will be still shown when making calls.To change whether your number can be displayed by using the Number Display/ Number Block (Free Service) feature.


We launched a new campaign asking for Australians to be able to opt-out of all unwanted calls where people are asking for money.

Join the campaign at, and please share it with your friends and social networks.


Thank goodness Choice is running with this. I am constantly bothered by nuisance calls from charities, generally every 2 days or so. If I do get caught when answering the phone, the pressure on me to donate or buy raffle tickets is enormous. Asking to be taken off the call list doesn’t always work either. Oftentimes, I don’t hear from them for a few weeks then sure enough, the calls start again. To stop these constant calls, I now let my phone go to voicemail which sometimes annoys friends but at least I’m not being caught out so often.


While I appreciate that charities do need a healthy operating budget, the style of dialogue adopted during such calls can be most annoying. We hope they’re doing a good job, and we hope that most of the money they raise is being devoted to the work they were set up to perform.
Sometimes I think to myself as I listen: “If you didn’t carry on in this way I might give you something.”
I dislike the ‘tugging-at-the-heartstrings’ approach frequently adopted. I try to be polite but often my feelings are quite negative, and I find myself feeling guilty for thinking this way - which no doubt I was intended to do!